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  1. If it is meant to be, terrific;otherwise, I go on also with challenges and worries. I give my faith to God and have fun with PCH
    No more no less. It is with great odds against us but with a dream we may beat them
    Think of good deeds you can do for others. Those are the lotteries that will make you a winner!

  2. I have been following PCH for ten years. what is that they look for?
    How are the winners selected? I have prayer days and nights just hoping that one day the PCH Prize Patrol would knock on my door. I have envisioned what I would do, how I would react. I have been out of work for more than 3 years now. I have lost everything I owned, ex wife took off and left me destitute. I have two college degrees and I am a licensed Bodyguard and Fiber Optic Technician and no one will give me a job. what does it take to become a PCH winner?

    1. Timothy,

      The winners of PCH Sweepstakes are chosen from random drawings. PCH has no way of knowing from the entries someone’s age or financial status. Every entry has an equal chance of winning!