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  1. I thought August 31, 2011 PCH was to choose a $5000 a week for life winner not a 1 million dollar winner. who won the $5000 dollar a week prize?

    1. Hi Alma,

      The August 31st draw was an “Early Look” draw. The $5,000 A Week For Life was the primary prize promoted for the giveaway and the $1 Million was the secondary prize. In the case of yesterday’s draw, the $1 Million prize was awarded as a second chance drawing.

      During the course of an ongoing SuperPrize Giveaway, PCH will conduct “Special Early Look” drawings to see if there is a winner of that Giveaway. If there is no matching winning number for a Special Early Look Event, the primary prize amount promoted for the Event will not be awarded; however, PCH may elect to award a secondary prize for the Event in a second chance drawing. If a SuperPrize is awarded as part of a Special Early Look Event, PCH will replenish the prize to allow the Giveaway to continue.

      Hope this helps!

      Rebecca @ PCH

      1. I thought the same as Alma.But for more clarification please explain the actual drawing process because I was under the impression the SOMEONE would win. So are there numbers in the drawing that does not belong to anyone?