PCHlotto: Ready to Get Schooled in Fun This September?

September is full of excitement.                                                               

Students — imagining their social status this NEW school year as being “most awesome” —  fill their parents shopping carts with fall’s most stylish clothes and accessories — backpacks, t-shirts, jeans, sneakers, ipods… oh yeah, and classroom supplies too. Parents are wondering how they are going to pay for this.

Where can FAST CASH relief be found?

PCHlotto has good news… for fast cash seekers! Over $1.26 Million in prize funds are available for tonight’s drawing  — and, as always, it’s FREE to play!

Win FAST, Play FREE! Check out PCHlotto.

Here’s how it works:

Every night — after the 11:59PM, ET daily entry deadline — there will be 3 BIG PRIZE drawings:

1) Pick 4 Quick Cash Progressive Jackpot up to $500.00

2) $10,000.00 Rainy-Day Riches

3) $1,250,000.00 Lucky Break Jackpot

… Plus, a $2,000.00 Honor Roll special event cash prize drawing on September 30th! And, as a BONUS you’ll get TWO PCH SuperPrize entry opportunities from Giveaway No. 1400.

Want to win faster than fast cash? We have INSTANT WINNERS EVERY DAY!

Play September scratch cards — Celebrate America Instant-Win  and Freefall Cash Instant Win– and you could win CASH & PRIZE on the spot!

You’ve got the rules — now get started! Go to PCHlotto and play your 5 cards now — before 11:59PM, ET — the last possible moment to pick your numbers before tonight’s daily drawing!

Have fun!

N. T.

PCH Online Creative

P.S. LIVE CASH EVENT ALERT!!!!! This September, you could win $1,000.00 CASH in PCHlotto‘s first-ever LIVE CASH event. It’s true — September 15th – 28th, an EXTRA special event card will be available at PCHlotto. Play daily — the more you enter, the more chances you have to win! Then, come back on September 29th at 3pm, ET — you could win $1,000.00 LIVE!

Are you a Pick Quick or Scratch Card lotto lover? Tell us how you love to win!

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  1. Good after noon. I hope everything is going well with ALL of PCH. On my Email I was told of several Prizes I would indeed like to win. Prize # 1400–$1020,500.00, Prize # 4900–$7,000.00 A a Week For LIFE. “SET FOR LIFE”, Prize # 5164-ST PATRICK DAY. $7,000.00, Prize – FRONTPAGE — $5,000.00 X2 a Week for life. “FOREVER”.
    My Activation ( Code pc623 ). Thank-You for giving me the chance to Win this wonderful Prize. You even gave me a chance later on to Win A “SUPER MEGA PRISE ” My numbers are –6179 1844 8013. A Prize Notice came with a # WO9-101.
    This could not be a better Prise for our need now & in the Future. Another site asked me to tell you more about myself. I will go to that site next. If any of these are late, I have over 9000 Emails to go through, with back ups behind that. Bye for now, CINDY M