Smart Shopaholics Shop Online at PCH for a Convenient Payment Plan!

Smart Shopaholic Secret: Shop Online at PCH for a Convenient Payment Plan!


Smart Shopaholic Secret: Shop Online at PCH for a Convenient Payment Plan!

Hello shoppers, are you a “Smart Shopaholic?” Do you love to shop online to save time and energy and have an eye for awesome customer benefits?  Well I’m here to tell you about a fantastic customer benefit, one of my personal favorites. It’s our incredible 4-Part Payment Plan!

For those of you already signed up for our exclusive PCH email program, you know that when you shop online through our email program, every order qualifies for our 4-part payment plan. For those of you who aren’t signed up, what are you waiting for? Head over to now and follow the easy instructions. Simply check the box to receive offers from Publishers Clearing House.  Then, you’ll start receiving amazing value-priced merchandise and discounted magazine subscriptions offers – and you’ll have the opportunity to pay any order in 4 monthly installments!  We offer a full line of merchandise, including housewares, music, collectibles, fashion jewelry, coins, collectibles, healthy living items and popular As Seen on TV products.  There are no strings attached – all you have to do is make the minimum payment amount by the specified due date. See, I told you it was incredible!

As a Shopaholic, I understand how bills can really pile up!  But thankfully, Publishers Clearing House understands that too. The 4-part payment plan gives you more time to pay, and makes your payments smaller and more manageable. It’s like they secretly know what every shopaholic needs!

So fellow shoppers, shop online at and take advantage of the awesome customer benefits, including the 4-Part Payment Plan. It’s definitely Smart Shopaholic approved!

Amanda C.

PCH Creative Department

P.S. The customer benefits of shopping online at don’t end there! So remember to check back here at the PCH Blog for even more Smart Shopaholic secrets.



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  1. Love to shop love the merchandise that is available..Did all my Christmas shopping here for family and friends. Thanks for the easy payment plan also. Great job Pch way to go. Connie Adams.