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  1. I will never forget September 11th, I was watching TV that morning before the news even knew what had happened. I remember the news interrupting the regular scheduled program broadcasting that something had hit the Twin Towers.
    It was a very sad day that affected the world, as so many lives were lost. Watching the horror that was inflicted in New York. September 11th is a reminder of what America stands for…Liberty, Freedom and Justice for all. Divided we fall, United we stand.
    All for one and One for all! I am proud of our Heroes and am proud to be an American. God Bless America and God Bless the families and our lost Heroes!

  2. Wow it has been 10 long years since 9/11. It still feels recent. RIP (rest in peace) and RIL (rest in love) To all the fallen soilders, fathers, mothers, children, cousins, aunts, uncles, bestfriends, neices, and nephews. We are all GOD’ s children and none if you will ever be forgotten. My heart and prayers go out to those who lost anyone on that terrible day.

  3. Yes, I will never forget that day..since I was frantically calling and searching the list of people for fellow classmates from my AA Flight Attendant Class…It took 2 days to finally start getting calls from them to let me know that they were all safe..For once I was glad that I had not made it, and I never tried again to become a Flight Attendant because of that. Sometimes DREAMS are just not meant to be if it causes fear..and it makes you appreciate what you do have..*smile*

  4. I will never forget! It was an evil day! I want to thank all military men & women who are fighting @ this time to keep the USA free! As long as we don’t lose understanding of the American Constitution & the knowledge that those that wrote it believed. . . In GOD we trust, we as Americans will have victory! I pray for Israel & we should never turn our back on her!

  5. My heart and prayers go out to all the families affected by 9/11. No one will forget the tragedy that day………and the outpouring of Love and american spirit afterwords.

  6. I believe each and every person will never forget this horrible day. My prays still goes out to all the families who was hurt by this day. American will contiue to stand strong as we are today…

    With love to you all.