PCHlotto: I Thought I Knew How to Win $1,000.00 CASH!

Ok… so, we all know that PCHlotto has 3 BIG prize drawings every night – for the SuperCard Jackpot, Fast Cash, and the Progressive Jackpot up to $500.00.

And… we also know that after you play all your cards at PCHlotto, you get an Instant-Win cash prize scratch card — where we have winners every day.

But… did you know PCHlotto has a Live Cash Event where a winner will win a big cash prize of $1,000.00 — LIVE!!

Live Cash Lotto Event

Here’s how it works:

Every day from now until 9/28 (11:59PM, ET), an EXTRA Special Event card for a $1,000.00 LIVE EVENT drawing will be featured on PCHlotto.com!

All you have to do is pick your favorite numbers or “QUICK PICK”, then “SUBMIT” for eligibility to win!

Also, and this is VERY IMPORTANT, make sure you play daily!

Why? The more your play, the more chances you’ll have to win on drawing day.


… on September 29th at 3PM, ET, visit the “Live Drawing” tab at PCHlotto to see the LIVE EVENT unfold! All your LIVE CASH Special Event numbers picked from 9/15 through 9/28 will be eligible at the LIVE EVENT, and available to view as the winning numbers are revealed.

So, to sum it all up… NOW is the time to go to PCHlotto.com and play your numbers for the first-ever LIVE CASH event!

PLAY EVERY DAY through 9/28 (11:59 PM, ET) for maximum chances to win $1,000.00 CASH on September 29th!

Have Fun and Good Luck!


P.S. Is it me — or do you LOVE watching the lottery numbers being drawn? I like to sit in front of the TV with my tickets in hand, dreaming of how I’d use the money to make my life better. Each number ball that drops widens my eyes and fills my belly with butterflies of hope. I just can’t wait to for PCHlotto’s LIVE EVENT to see who our Live Cash winner will be!

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  1. Every persont want the lott, every persont need monie, but 0.1% promaise give money any persont to need.The childrens silck of cancer, the childrens in orphanac, homeless this persont don,t want the lott;this persont want the normal life.I promaise my god ,if take any money and him to me help my donation for carithas is 50%. every day I tell my god, thank for life this day and can the ligt see.Thank for I am not in the hospital. Thank my god for my daugther are very good and in Univ study for in the future humany servy. Luis. *Sorry my english.

  2. Hi it would be nice to win agood prize with UAS the way it

  3. april 10/2011
    i have a question this is reall i hope i can win so i can buy a new car i dont have a car or house im renting on eat my dream is a house
    linda bush

    1. Hi Linda,

      PCH is real! PCH Sweepstakes winners are chosen at random, and each entry has the same chance of winning. You never know who will become the next BIG winner, so don’t lose hope!

      Victoria At PCH

  4. Hi, I will really make a big difference in my life if I can be the winner this time. Been a disabed person it will help a lot havimg that cash to cover all my bills. I always play PCH but so far was not lucky to win anything. But I will keep my hope running! Thank yu,

  5. hi my name is manpreet i m trying daily entry of pch i never win any this this not fare.i also enter pch search and win.but nothing happened.