“How to” Discover Fun and Interesting Information? Visit PCHtips!

What’s so great about PCHtips, our new informational website? There’s just about something for everyone! PCHtips appeals to people with all types of interests and all types of questions; you’re bound to find something you like. It’s a treasure trove of information!

First of all, there are 14 categories, ranging from Healthy Living to Coins to Jewelry. Grandpa can find interesting articles to guide him in his coin collecting hobby. Mom can find answers to her questions about children’s health – the best back to school snacks and how to keep kids active. Any teenage girl can satisfy her hunger for any and all jewelry information. How do you make a friendship bracelet? PCHtips has you covered.

Secondly, there’s a wide variety of types of articles as well. As the name implies, PCHtips contains a lot of tips and advice, but also some strictly informational articles. In the same place, you can discover how to host a clambake as well as the history of candy canes.

New “tips” are added daily. The best way to keep track of the newest articles is by following @PCHtips on Twitter and/or “liking” the PCHtips Fan Page. You’ll be treated to a stream of the latest how to’s.

PCHtips contains all of the answers to your random search engine queries. You know the kind of searches I’m talking about, the things that you ponder enough to prompt you to type “the history of birthstones” or “how to assemble furniture” into PCHSearch&Win. You need an answer and the internet is your best friend. PCHtips will provide you with the information you need. Some of my personal favorite articles are “How to Avoid Emotional Eating” (a personal vice, I’m sure most people can relate) and “Why Cats Purr.” So much information that quenches my thirst for knowledge!

So why don’t you head over to PCHtips and explore a bit? You never know what will catch your eye. Let me know which article is your favorite and what other information you’d like to see that you couldn’t find! Suggestions are always welcome.

Laura At PCH


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