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  1. Good Danielle! You never sease to Amaze me! You; and PCH Family Employees are Very Special Type of People* And God’s spirit seemms to be really motivating all of you, from one project , into another. And the Team Work; you give to each other ? Harmonizes perfectly. Its as if everyone over there has their perfect career’s, and they are fulfilling their passions about & towards life. <> ezzjimmyValen* <<<////

  2. I wish I could one day do the same thing pUBLISHERS cLEARING hOUSE did!!! I would love to open a free eating diner here in Madison WI, I know my ex-husband who is still my best friend and who has went to culinary school would LOVE to be my main cook !! We are both pisces we both LOVE to help anyone we can even though we both need help ourselves…!!!