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  1. I really want to win
    I really need this money so I can be a blessing
    To other
    I have struggled for a very long time!
    I was in a wreck and it total out my van
    And was not able replace my van
    I wasn’t given enough money to replace it
    My van was old and had a lot of miles on it.
    I have endured a lot
    I’m a single mom and have struggles
    To pay my bill and take care of my son
    I was left with a lot bills when my husband left
    And repair on my home that I don’t have money
    I need simple thing like lawn mower I don’t
    Have money for
    I’m disabled and it been really tough
    And when I had my accident in April
    Thing haven’t been so easy
    My son needs things and my family been
    Thru a lot.
    This money can help my family and other
    Family member as well
    I can help friends who need it also!
    God has bless me in many ways I’m living
    To tell my story cuz the doctor said
    I’m a miracle I’m here.
    Yes I want to win!!!!
    There many blessing I can do with money!!!
    Cynthia jordan

  2. All this look’s like someone is going to be sooo extactic!!!!
    I see the balloon’s are the party’s decoration.I see someone is going to be very thirsty,and the Last Greastest thing…….is signing the check and handing it over!!!