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  1. CINDY M, PS– Congratulation to all the winners Big & Small Prizes. I rejoice at their good fortune. God knows. who need what & if it’s a true need, verses merely a want.

  2. CINDY M. If I won a prize like that: Mike & I would Tithe. Then pay off all medical & other bills. Mike would get a Top of the Line Computer. I would. love to get a nice Lap Top Computer, or top of the line digital camera, like a professional would use. And whatever it needed to take take long distance or to really close shots & not have them come out blurry. Aaron wants to go to Japan, but he also want to take a trip to CA, then up the coast to OR. That way he could touch base with His Sister & Aunt Kathy. Kristina want to pay off her car & medical bills. We would seek the help of a Financil Advisor maybe a Lawyer. to use the rest mostly to Charities. There are so many people we could help. But we would also think very carefully @ the Charities, to make sure the money went where it was suppost to go. Some give less than1/2 to the cause. Big SALERIES, Special political. candidates to try to get their agenda. It was truly shocking to me to look at where the money went. So many worthy charities, like St. Jude’s.Wounded Warrior, Food Pantries. So many people who still need help. Our needs are simple. Bye for now. I could write so much more, but as usual, I write too much. We have never been on a real vacation.Yet I would feel bad using a lot of world travel, knowing others have to watch their children die by starvation, or not having a Mosquitos that carry malaria, . I HAVE TO STOP.I start crying if I go on any longer. CINDY M. Bye for now.

  3. How wonderful to see REAL People win REAL money @ a time in our history that truly reflects greed from the TOP! Its nice to know people that serve soup kitchens would be blessed with this abundance. May it serve you well and all those things that are close to your HEARTS! Congratulations!