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  1. sure hope your coming to my town..!!!!!!!!!! merry chrstmas to you too Dave and prize patrol team and everyone at pch!! ho ho ho

    1. has any one ever won ,who was poor and has disability.have played for years and never won any thing.is it becacues i am poor and have disabilities.or i dumb and this realy dose not happen.

      1. Hi Carolyn,

        Over the years we have awarded over $223 million in prize awards to people from all walks of life; all across the US and Canada; folks with varied ethnic and economic backgrounds; living in apartments, mobile homes, private homes, on farms; young folks, seniors and every age in between. We even awarded a winner on the tundra in Alaska, and one time found our winner in mid-air – while flying on a plane! Prize winners are selected in an unbiased manner that assures an equal chance for all entries.

        Victoria At PCH