First Win For Life Winner Says Life is Good!

The first PCH win for life winner said “Life is Good” when we checked with her 2 1/2 years later.

When Doris Gray won our first Win For Life SuperPrize in February 2009, millions of TV viewers saw a totally shocked reaction as the Publishers Clearing House Prize Patrol surprised her at the Paterson, New Jersey school where she worked.

And no wonder she was shocked.  Doris was summoned by the principal into a crowded lunchroom where hundreds of students waited to cheer a woman who had lovingly taught and mentored students for over 35 years!  While the crowd had all seen PCH winning moments on TV, they never expected to see us in person — with roses, balloons and a win for life Big Check that said “$5,000 A Week for Life.”

Click on this link to Doris Gray’s winning moment and you’ll get a sense of the excitement:

The Learning Channel was also present to videotape the event which received numerous national airings.  A huge TV audience came to admire this wonderful woman and applaud her good fortune, and many PCH bloggers would like an update.  Read on for the latest from our first Win For Life winner…

I spoke to Doris recently and can tell you that, for her, “Life is good.”  She and her husband Willie have had some health challenges, but have faced them with characteristic positive thinking and faith.

Doris retired some months after winning and threw a party for the whole school to wish all her colleagues and students well.  One of the first things she and Willie did with some prize money was to fix some crumbling concrete steps leading up to the house.  Heaven forbid the Prize Patrol should trip if they made a return visit!

Doris is often surprised that friends and acquaintances think there was some catch to her winning at PCH.  “No,” she assures them. “I didn’t have to buy anything – I just had to think positively and enter.”  And she shakes her head when she hears of the telephone scam operators who try to defraud consumers of money with false claims that “You’ll win if you just send in a processing fee” or some such nonsense.  Doris knows that winning at Publishers Clearing House is absolutely free.

So take a lesson from Doris:  Go to and enter the Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes with confidence – and maybe you’ll win for life too.

All the best,

Dave Sayer

Prize Patrol Ambassador

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