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  1. If GOD finds me in his favor my kids won’t have to work I will make sure my family s all of them will get something I also would donate to homeless shelter in Utah. And donate to alcoholic ANONYMOUS. And pay off all my debt go on long vacation.

  2. The Team needs to come to my home.Especially Danielle Lam with, PCH Prize Patrol, I want to see that beautiful pair of shoes she wears….:) Danielle, call me my e-mail is there, and you know my address….

  3. Anyway Tornado, Earthquake, THAT MUCH MONEY, I’D “DEFINATELY” HAVE GIVEN A COUPLE MILL………….:):):)

  4. Wednesday, May 22nd. 2013…..

    Talking about winning money. If I was the person that won the money in the Powerball Lotto, I’d have given at least $1,000,000,000.00, to the people that just went through the earthquake. Maybe more. But I didn’t, so I’ll just sit back and wait I guess, like everyone else does. šŸ™ Adrienne

    1. Adrienne here again. I didn’t mean Earthquake, I meant Tornado…..sooooooooo sorry…my bad…..:(

  5. I wwould like to know when will i be receiving my 10,000 Big winner Check because i sing it posted i should will be glad to get that money be cause i been playing for along and have not won anything

    Thank You…..