Scratch Off Lotto Tickets Vs. PCH Scratch Off Game Cards

Unlike scratch off lotto tickets from lotteries, at PCH our free scratch off game cards give everyone the same chance of winning!



Unlike scratch off lotto tickets from lotteries, at PCH our free scratch off game cards give everyone the same chance of winning!

On my way to work the other day, I heard an interesting debate on one of my favorite radio stations. It was about the lotto. The woman caller was making the point that the lotto unfairly advantages those with money because they can afford to buy more scratch off lotto tickets, thereby increasing their chance of winning extra cash. Those not as well off, on the other hand, can only afford to buy one or a few tickets.

I’ve been thinking about this a lot, and it just makes me feel even stronger that PCHlotto is the best! Why? Because unlike scratch off lotto tickets, it’s absolutely FREE to play! Everyone has the same chance of winning on our free game cards. It doesn’t matter how much money you have!

But, of course, to win, you have to play! And why wouldn’t you when there are winners every day? At PCHlotto, pick your numbers daily and you could win big prizes like a millionaire-making Jackpot, Fast Cash windfall or progressive jackpot up to $500.00 in our nightly Pick Quick drawings! This month, the free game cards are the $1,250,000.00 Pigskin Payout, $10,000.00 Presidential Payout and Cash Resolution scratch cards.

Plus, every month includes a Special Event prize drawing. This January, there’s the  $2,012 New Year Kickoff. Isn’t that cool? Just imagine kicking off 2012 with some extra cash!

And remember, as soon as you play one of the free game cards at PCHlotto, you can get an entry for our big SuperPrize! WOW! I’m talking about $1 Million Every Year For Life!

So friends, why would you ever pay to play when PCHlotto is free? Skip those scratch off lotto tickets and play our free game cards instead! Everyone has the same chance of winning, and who knows…you could ring in the New Year with some extra cash!

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Amanda C.

PCH Creative

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  1. As much as I scratch and play the racing, tossing, etc. games I win chump prizes. Just tokens to “buy” chances at winning, so making it all a big waste (to me) of time. What hurts even worse is winning 100 tokens instead of 100,000 tokens or $1000 cash! Throw us some real bones why don’t ‘cha???

  2. I thought the same thing. got a 40,000 and a 100 dollar match in the black gold give away 8036, 8370. I read it and 3 others read it. The rules need to be clarified if this only means your eligible… that’s not what it says in plain English. I had thought I won as well. I have been playing for 15 years now and thought I did finally, but after reading this… now really bummed out about it. Guess I better just give up.

  3. Sickeningly Deceptive, that’s my description of the Black Gold contest #4950. I read the card and the rules carefully. I kept the rules and took photos of the scratch off game card with three matching 1 million dollar amounts and the card with 3 matching 100 dollar amounts. I signed the back of the cards and sent them back in the envelope provided via Priority Mail. One million dollars in three places on the same card is the winning number. Maybe there was some hidden text somewhere that says the super-prize number for the advertisement would be used for the Black Gold #4950 as well, but it wasn’t on the official rules that were included in the envelope with the card.

    It is unfortunate that their contests are not run with the same high quality and integrity as their product line.

    1. Hi Mark, the scratch card you received was not an instant win prize, it was an entry for the amount scratched. The winner of the Scratch-Off Card contest will be randomly selected from all valid entries which were returned on time. Please also note that the scratch-off promotional card stated that the piece was an Official Entry Form. There was no representation made that you or any recipient has won a prize. The promotion additionally stated: “Important Instructions: To enter, you must complete the name and address section below. Return this form to Publishers Clearing House in the attached reply envelope. Thank you. Please respond within 14 days” This entry card was accompanied with the Sweeps Facts and Official Rules pamphlet that provided the odds of winning. We apologize for any concern that this may have caused.

      1. The scratch-off card did not state that it was an “Official Entry Form”, but did state under instruction number 3: “…You must also return your entry confirmation form to arrive by the deadline.” I returned that also. The card stated “If you find three matching prize amounts, please sign and return this card in your Reply Envelope.”. I signed the back of the card as instructed and mailed it in. I have pictures of both sides of the card and I still have the official rules that were sent with it.

      2. ***you will be eligible to win a prize from giveaway #7795 of 1k and/or $100.00 if you find 3 matching prize amount in a game. see official rules for details.
        “to determine if you are eligible to win a prize from giveaway #7795 ($1k and/or $100.00), you must find three matching prize amounts on the PCH Black Gold Game Card. The more matches you have the more prizes you are eligible to win. The word, “eligible” lol… im kinda impressed. who wrote this? why did they write this way? little did they know the Black Gold cards had only left us with 2 games.

        “matches” really means “entry tickets”

        “more entry tickets”– more you play more likely you’ll win that kind of thing but they used that for “matching prize amounts” making it look like you’ve won the prize but they meant the gold circles. And they used this sentence first, “eligible to win a prize from #7795…” so when you read the last sentence “the more matches you have the more prizes you’re eligible to win” oooof, wow.


        If you have found the matched prize amount on this card, you’ve won an ENTRY for the giveaway #7795 to win your matched prize amount on 8/31/2016. The more matches you have the more prizes you are eligible to win. This goes the same for #4950.

        Problem Solved. =D