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    1. Hi Caren,

      You can register to become a PCHsuperfan by going to http://on.fb.me/PCHsuperfan and submitting the form. You will need to be a Facebook user in order to become a PCHsuperfan. It’s a one-time registration that lasts as long as the PCHsuperfan promotion.

      Victoria At PCH

  1. I have been playing this contest for over twenty years ,still to date have not won anything. I think this is just a fars.

    1. Hi Anthony,

      PCH is a legitimate sweepstakes company. Over the years, Publishers Clearing House has awarded over $233 Million in prizes to people all over the United States and Canada. To see some of those winning moments, visit http://www.pchtv.com. PCH Sweepstakes winners are chosen at random, and each entry has the same chance of winning. You never know who will become the next BIG winner, so don’t lose hope!

      Victoria At PCH

      1. Hi victoria at PCH, I have also been trying to win something from PCH every since 1992. My kids think I’m crazy for even trying play’s with anything in the mail. But I’ve always had this feeling deep down inside me that I’ll some day win it big through PCH.

    2. mr.smiley keep on smiling cus u got me beat all ready with having the name smiley an my good friend,keep the faith..!!! ur friend an competing my self an just praying that i can hit 1 of those big ones one of these times..GOD bless all an may the good LORD be with each an every one of use an all others as well..Thanks to every one..Jim