Sal Tripi: He’s Watching Out For YOU!

You know a lot about the “public faces” of Publishers Clearing House, like our beloved Prize Patrol team–Dave Sayer, Todd Sloane and Danielle Lam. But what about the unsung heroes? The men and women who make things work behind the scenes. Aren’t you curious to know who’s making it all possible? Of course you are!

Today we meet up with Sal Tripi, who was promoted last year to the position of Assistant Vice President, Digital Operations and Compliance. In this role, Sal is all about consumer protection. He closely monitors the PCH brand online to ensure unscrupulous parties are not able to pass themselves off as PCH in the digital world.

Sal Tripi, Assistant VP, Digital Operations and Compliance

Sal is very much involved in what he calls the “online ecosystem,” taking all the necessary measures to keep consumers safe. “Spam crosses lots of channels. We work with partners to monitor fraudulent email and find fraudulent sites, which we then get shut down,” says Sal.  He works to create and implement authentification filters, which ensure that a number of varying factors align before an email is deemed authentic. Sal says it’s his mission to, “separate us from the bad guys.” So you have Sal to thank for getting less junk mail from pesky PCH imposters in your email inbox!

Sal’s been with Publishers Clearing House for more than eighteen years.  He started his career in the PCH document processing facility, entering and processing orders. From there, he bounced around for years, from payment processing to merchandise fulfillment to continuity–then back again into merchandise planning. “No one wanted me!” he jokes.

About seven years ago, Sal got involved in the online world at PCH, and that’s where he’s stayed, helping to grow what started as a fairly small business into what it has become today–and always watching out for the consumer, respecting  the consumer’s desire for receiving appropriate content and ensuring they not get bombarded by things they don’t want.

Sal is passionate about the direct marketing industry and is a Board Member of the Online Trust Association. He also sits on the Ethics Committee for the Direct Marketing Association. By keeping consumers safe and protected, he helps us bring you the best PCH online experience possible. Sure, he may have joked that no one wanted him, but all joking aside, we couldn’t get by without him. And thank goodness we don’t have to.

If Sal could win a PCH prize (which he can’t because he is a PCH employee…but we like to dream), what would he do with the money? “Not sure,” he said. “One thing I know that I would not do is retire. I love this job and want to continue to do it for a long, long time.” Whew! What a relief.

Thanks for watching out for us, Sal!

Francine L.
PCH Online Creative

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  1. I can’t reset my PCH password. I got this TYPO message. I go into my e-mail box for message how to reset and now I can’t even get to PCH. I can get into my VIP account but that is all. Pppppplllllllzzzzzzz help me. I know you are busy with others so I will show some patience. I would like to Thank you in advance for all your help and support PCH and special thanks to Sal Tripi

  2. A Family of Love at PCH. All of you are wimnets; nomatter what.
    Its almoat time co-fans.
    Keep your fingers crossed. Ready set: It will be a really far off place you don’t know of that will win; but, they deserve it just as much as any of us.
    Good luck to all of you on the
    29th Feb. 2012.
    My B-Day was on Feb- 15, 2012, and yes, I got a happy B-Day from Pch the family of love.

    Gary Crosby

  3. I just saw the error in my email address in the previous post. So sorry. I will be sure it is correct in this one–it is lbouche1 instead of what is there.

  4. Something has happened to my computer and I can no longer open up things within my emails. Therefore I cannot open you emails to comply with the requests or to order. Please do not eleminate me because of that. I am trying to get this corrected.

    1. Hi Loretta,

      Any entries that you have already submitted remain valid. You will still get emails while the issue is being resolved. You can continue replying to the emails as soon as you get a chance. You never have to make any purchase to enter or to win any PCH Sweepstakes, so don’t worry about not being able to order right now. Good luck!

      Victoria At PCH

  5. Hi, awwe love everyone’s comments!
    Thanks for blogging & for always being here Francine and Sal @ PCH!!
    CONGRATULATIONS on your promo Mr. Sal Tripi! Keep up the GREAT work!

  6. Hi, Thanks PCH for sending me emails everyday to enter. I noticed an item today that is a Panama Basket Weave Mat. It lists that you can by a second for $4.00 more. However I noticed that you have a typo error. It lists $15.96 for 2 mats and $19.96 for only one. I am quite sure it should be the other way around. You might want to correct that so no one gets the wrong order. P.S. I will be home on Feb 29th so you can come anytime. Thanks

    1. Hi Pkeel,

      Thank you for letting us know! I’ll forward your comment along so that the error gets corrected.

      Victoria At PCH

  7. No another Sweepstakes company is the best than PCH Sweepstakes company! You have had everything that supported and do a great job for people like me!
    I am trust and stick with PCH company is the right choice for me!

    Thank you for having me a member of PCH Sweepstakes’s player!

    I appreciate your thoughtfulness!

  8. Thanks Sal for all your help!!! I just love the PCH website. I think it is a great website, I know I have had my share of PCH spam email and it is good to know someone is out there watching out for all of us! Good job Sal!!! And I am so glad you like your job!!!
    I do hope you are having a wonderful day and Happy New Year!!!