Mystery Guests from PCH Would Stump a Game Show Panel

Mystery guests from the PCH Prize Patrol would keep the panel from a game show like “What’s My Line?” guessing ’til the end!

I think the Game Show Network has stopped airing reruns of that old TV show “What’s My Line?”  But if that popular favorite — which originated in 1950 on CBS — was to be resurrected, we PCH Prize Patrol’ers would love to be mystery guests on the program.  Our jobs are so unusual we’d probably stump the panel and walk off with some prize money – which would be nice since we’re not eligible to win a penny from our employer Publishers Clearing House.

Of course we love our jobs and would gladly perform them without the bonus of prize money. That’s not just because “it’s more blessed to give than to receive” but because it’s exciting and fun delivering roses, balloons and Big Checks that can change people’s lives.

I can imagine the blindfolded celebrity panel from the game show asking us questions like “Do you deal in a product?  Or a service?”  Hmmm – how to answer them.  Yes, our company sells products (wonderful magazines and merchandise).  But we also provide a fantastic service: delivering huge sweepstakes prizes to winners of our famous sweepstakes!

A follow-up question might be “Is what you deliver bigger than a bread box?”  That silly expression, now a part of the American lexicon, was first posed by the late Steve Allen on “What’s My Line.”  I would have to reply that what we deliver is much, MUCH bigger than a bread box. (I mean $1 Million Every Year For Life is A LOT of bread!)

After the celebrity panel had exhausted their allotted questions and we mystery guests had stumped them, they would remove their blindfolds and admit that ours is indeed an unusual occupation.  Yes, they had seen us on TV delivering huge sweepstakes prizes, but we are not the typical delivery men who bring pizza or overnight packages to the door.

How would you like to meet the PCH Prize Patrol in person – not just see us on TV?  It’s possible you know.  The first step is to enter the Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes – which starts with a simple click here on this link to  You can take additional steps by returning to every day for another chance to win huge sweepstakes prizes.  Then just hope and pray that Lady Luck will smile on you and that the next Big Check we deliver will have YOUR NAME on it!

Good luck!

Dave Sayer
Prize Patrol Ambassador

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