Super Fun for Super Fans — 7 Pet Lovers Prizes!

By now, you’ve heard all about Publishers Clearing House sponsoring the New Yorkie Runway dog fashion show. You know it’s on Friday, February 10th. You know celebrity pet lovers and their fashion-forward doggies will be strutting on the “dogwalk”. And you know a portion of the proceeds will benefit therapy dog charity Angel On A Leash.

But I’ve got other super fun news you don’t know…and it’s sure to get your tails wagging! Can someone say PRIZES for PCHers? That’s right! We’ll be giving away not 1, not 2, but 7 pet lovers prizes, totaling $350.00 in all! And don’t worry, you don’t even have to be at the dog fashion show to win. You just have to be the “top dog” of all PCH Facebook fans – a PCH Facebook Super Fan! But I’ll get to the details later. First, the prizes!

Prize #7: The ultimate in comfort! You get a large, ultra-soft pet bed from Animal Planet™! Plus, 2 stuffing-free plush squeakie toys. A $35.00 retail value!

Prize #6: What a treat! This 7-piece pet food and treat set includes a 2-piece stainless steel food storage canister set, stainless steel pet bowl, 3 pet food can covers and a Purina® Treat Bowl. A $35.00 retail value!

Prize #5: Snuggle time! This incredibly soft pet blanket from Animal Planet™ is generally sized at 63” x 59”! You also get a large “Trophy” bear rug toy (super fun!) and a Hartz® absorbent drying towel. A $40.00 retail value!

Prize #4: Doggie must-haves! You get a Animal Planet 16-foot retractable pet leash with a bright LED flashlight from Animal Planet™, a 3-Pack of healthy SmartBones® treats and 2 “Flip-Flip” squeaky toys. A $40.00 retail value!

Prize #3: A sweet dream! Here’s a stylish, denim-hooded pet bed with matching “bone” toy! Also includes 2 plush squeaky toys. An incredible $50.00 retail value!

Prize #2: Looking good! This 6-piece pet grooming set includes 2 Hartz® grooming brushes, 2 jumbo packages of Petkin® pet wipes, 1 absorbent microfiber pet towel, and 1 bottle of “Dog Smog Remedy” breath freshener spray. An incredible $50.00 retail value!

Grand Prize: $100.00 CASH!

Are you drooling? Because I am! These prizes are perfect for pet lovers! Now remember, to be eligible to win, all you need to do is make sure you’re registered as a PCH Facebook Super Fan by 11:59 ET on February 8th! Find the complete Official Rules here.

So head over to our Facebook Fan Page right now and become a Super Fan! If you don’t, your furry friend might just have to put you in the “dog house”!

Amanda C.
PCH Creative

P.S. The super fun continues! You can watch the New Yorkie Runway dog fashion show LIVE on streaming video on our PCH Fan Page! Tune in at 7:00 PM EST on Friday, February 10th!

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  1. We have 4 dogs. 2 are registered and 2 are dump dogs. We live in the country and when people decide they don’t want them anymore, they dump them out here all skinny with broken spirits. We take them to the vet and get their shots and fixed. Weve lived here 23 years and have had many during this time. One of the ones weve got left, has been ours for 10 yrs. They taught her to sit, shake, stay, get em, no and many other little tricks. When my husband gets home, she is so glad to see him, hoping hes saved her a few cold french fries from lunch. As long as weve had her, she still cowers when you pet her on the head. Shes been the most abused, but she would give her life to protect us.
    I cant even imagine how people can hurt animals in such a way, but they are probably the ones beating/killing their kids. God will punish them for their actions.

  2. This sounds like a wonderful idea! I really hope you all have a fantastic time at the dog show. I can not wait to see who wins. I voted for Chewee!!! I also love Ruby, she is so very funny and so small!!! I did not know they came in that size. I could just fit her in my purse, so very cute!!!

  3. My cushion has two dogs and my brother has two dogs too. They have different kinds of dogs and each dog has a good healthy and cute! My favorite one is the golden color is so so much cute. If I won those prize-it will be perfect for my cushion and brothers’birth day gifts!
    One dog he like to lick and sit near me until I put my hand on his head.