Look at the New Lobby Design at PCH Office Headquarters!

The new lobby design at PCH Office Headquarters is here – take a look!

The new lobby design at PCH Office Headquarters is here – take a look!

A few days ago I posted a blog asking you to guess what was going on behind the closed doors at PCH Office Headquarters. I was so impressed by your smart and creative guesses! Some of you guessed it was where we determine big prize sweepstakes winners, including the February 29th winner of $1,000,000.00 Every Year For Life. Another guessed it was a new office for PCHSearch&Win’s mascot, Edwin the Owl! But my personal favorite was a spa for PCH employees! Oh how I wish…

When the yellow “CAUTION” tape was cut away and the protective frosted plastic was removed from the glass doors, what was revealed? The answer was what many of you correctly guessed — a newly renovated reception area! The previous lobby design dated back to the earlier days of PCH. With old-fashioned mauve walls, pink couches, pink tiled floors and burgundy carpets, it was in need of some 2012 refreshing.

On a budget, PCH put to the task an expert design team made up of all PCH employees. They went to the streets of Manhattan for inspiration, and worked enthusiastically on the lobby design for months.

It started with the walls and ceiling. They covered the old mauve with a fresh coat of white paint for a bright, clean, modern look. Then onto the floors. They replaced the old pink tile with new terrazzo floors flecked with pieces of shell. Just enough to create the perfect sparkle! Then came the reception desk. Handmade by our own PCH maintenance staff of a Luan plywood blend and finished with a maple veneer, the desk features a stylish curved design and a polished glass top. And let’s not forget about the wall backdrop – also handmade by PCHers with a cool duratrans screen that’s backlit to display our updated PCH logo!

And that’s just the beginning of the new lobby design! On its way are two circular couches and other fabulous finishing touches. Plus — did you notice the giant flat screen TVs? These will be displaying a video that shows the many ways you can win at PCH — online, through the mail, in social media and through mobile devices – and streaming winning moments footage of our many big prize sweepstakes winners.

If you’d like it to be you and your winning moment on those big TVs, you need to enter to win the big prize! Do it right now at pch.com – and who knows, everyone at PCH Office Headquarters could be watching your $1,000,000.00 Every Year For Life winning moment next!

Amanda C.
PCH Creative

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  1. Hot pink couches +tiled floors !! Was Elvis hanging out in the lobby and sorry the PCH employees didn’t get the health spa but since employees had design assistance, ya should have bundled it !! Ha Ha and the streamed flat screen TV with past winners is AWESOME !!

  2. The old lobby was very warm and inviting. The new one shows a very sterile look.
    As long as you like it that’s what really matters. You live with it every day.

  3. I also like the old lobby better,it seemed more cheerful from the picture, maybe its different if your there.

    1. I agree, the old one was more welcoming than the new one, even though it is old fashioned. I like the color splashes. Everything is blah in the new one. Carpetless floors are cold, to me. However, I will be back on this site in a few months to see all the nuances your designers have placed. If that is the first room a person enters from the outside, it needs to be immediately inviting and welcoming……..first impressions and all that.

  4. It would be so great to visit you all in NY for someday hoping to get my Hubby to the Staute of Liberty, but for now can’t happen.