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  1. This is another Blessing in the making. Here Goes the three Angels again Danielle, Todd And Dave Bless you all at PCH. May the blessings continue for many many Years! Congrads to the winner and God bless!
    PCH Team be safe and happy givings!!!
    C. Watts

  2. grace bailey
    february 28, 2012
    A bit confused as they stated that one of three persons in Escondido, Ca will get the money. I could use it to get
    my house fixed up, help my grandaughter take care of College and Hospital bills, and
    help my daughter who has been working 2 jobs each day, so that she can help us.

    1. Hi Grace,

      You are referring to a different giveaway. The prize that will be given out tomorrow is from giveaway 1830. Good luck!

      Victoria At PCH

  3. My husband died recently and I am truly overwhelmed by bills that I have no way of paying and no one to ask to help me. I would like to be able to help my step-daughters and their families out. I want to very much be able to help out my best friend who is going through so many problems right now with absolutely no help in sight. I would like all of the above people to be able to breathe easier and not have to constantly wonder how they are going to make it another week. It would be a blessing from God for all of us.

    1. Hey Dale,
      Just reading your post makes me wanna cry… And all the rest of them (everybody has so many things going on), but if I did win… I definitely would be a blessing to you. God bless you!