Monkey Gems Tournament Today: Biggest Tournament Payout Ever

Today, April 18th, you can become part of PCHGames history when we award our biggest tournament payout ever!

Today’s games tournament features one of our most popular games, MONKEY GEMS. It’s our first Monkey Gems Tournament, and to celebrate we’re awarding a history-making amount of cash.

Our First-Ever Monkey Gems Tournament Gives You So Many Ways To Win!

Are you a great gamer who always gets the top score or a casual gamer who just plays for fun? It doesn’t matter, because PCHGames has got PRIZES FOR EVERYONE today! How much are we awarding? Top scorers get big cash!

  • $1,200.00: FIRST PLACE PRIZE
  • $300.00: THIRD PLACE PRIZE

Like I said, it’s our biggest tournament payout ever!


Don’t think you’ll get a high score? That’s OK. You could win even if you get the lowest score of the day. We’re going to name two tournament player $250.00 cash prize winners at random. So, you could win cash just for participating and having fun. You don’t even have to play long. Just make sure you’re registered and logged in and you submit one score!

Earn The Most Tokens — Win Cash!

You’ll earn tokens for every game you play in today’s games tournament. The TOP THREE TOKEN EARNERS will even win $100.00 cash! You have all day to earn tokens, too. The all-day tournament starts at 12:00 A.M. EST, April 18, and continues through 11:59 P.M., EST.

Neat, right? But to REALLY make this our biggest tournament ever, we need your help!

Help Us Attract 100,000 Tournament Players today!

We want to attract a record-breaking number of tournament players – 100,000 to be exact! We’re doing our part by giving away a record-breaking number of cash prizes. Do your part by visiting PCHGames today and telling your friends to join in on the fun!

Helpful Game Play Advice To Help You Win Cash!

BenBen has been a naughty monkey and needs your help! It looks like he got himself in some trouble with the local snakes by stealing their rattles. Help him fend off the colorful reptiles one by one. Here’s how:

  • Clear all of the gems in a snake to defeat it.
  • Point and click to throw gems and make matches of three or more.
  • Look for Multiplier Gems (the gems with a star). They double points gained for 10 seconds. Make as many matches as you can before the 10 seconds runs out.
  • Include a Cocobomb in a match to inflict extra damage.
  • Sometimes you just need to SLOW DOWN those snakes. The Slow-Mo Bonus will make snakes as slow as molasses for a limited amount of time.

It’s Time For Some Money Business!

So quit monkeying around! Visit PCHGames today and play Monkey Gems. It’s as fun as, well, a barrel of monkeys! And with a little luck, you might just become one of today’s cash prize winners!

Playfully yours,

Elliott M.

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  1. The high scores aren’t necessarily cheaters even though I don’t know how to do it (my high score is around 60,000).
    Other websites with Monkey Gems games also show high scores even without a cash tournament.

    It would help if PCH would add a lot more detail to How to Play. What are all the ways to score? What are all the bonuses? I see combo bonuses, gap bonuses… Is there a speed bonus? Do the points double each time you make a new match very quickly? Something like that could make the scores go up faster.

  2. I am a PCH Games player and I also believe that the people who are the top token earners have been cheating somehow giving them way more tokens. I have probably played for 10 hours since the leaderboard was keeping track and people have over 115,000 tokens earned. And generally I am earning the highest token award per every game. I am going to submit a complaint to the customer service website.

    1. Hi Azelia, when a tournament is being played and we find evidence of cheating, that player will be removed from the tournament and will forfeit any winnings as well as potentially having their account shut down. Please be assured all scores earned during a tournament are reviewed for cheating activity before the winners are posted. All players found to be cheating will be disqualified from winning the tournament. Prizes will only be awarded to users who are playing fairly. We apologize for any concern this may have caused and thank you for taking the time to notify us.

      If you have any questions or concerns, please send us a message using our Ask Us page:

      – Jussie W. at PCH

  3. In the games I’ve noticed that some people get to change their avatars to smiley faces and so forth, I would like to know how they do this so I can make my avatars more interesting, please.

  4. I play the Monkey Gems Tournament that day.I wonder when they will annouce who the winners are and which two random people recevied $250.00 just playing the game, I haven’t heard from PCH since then, I guess it will take some time since alot if people played the game lol.

  5. I would like to add one more comment on this discussion. I really like what Veronica said about this. I think in the near future, you need to know the possible highest score players can make in these games. Talk with the game developers and see if scoring over a million, even if you’re very good, is plausible. We all want a fair shot at the cash prize, and having suspicious points overshadowing ours, damps out both fun and chance.