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  1. This is nonsense, everyday I go to my inbox, and I struggle with how to play this game, in order to win. Every email is the same, hurry and play if you want to win, so I do. I finally have avoid question, and it’s lady talking about how amazing her job is, and then adds insult to injury, because she needs the people desperate to win, well I love music, and like to walk my dogs in Manhattan, where I was born, want to go back to. So she’s already living the life that all of us can only dream of. 15 emails a day, no real way to redeem tokens, I’m exhausted, and wish any bit of this made sence.
    Sincerely Insulted,
    Catherine Brown

  2. Can entering just online and not by mail hinder your chances? I pay for postage by mail and it’s faster and costs less per entry on line.. It can get costly entering by mail when your on a very small pension.