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  1. I keep hearing about a $2 million upfront, new car & $10,000 a month for life sweepstakes, but I don’t hear that anybody won. I just keep hearing about $1 million winners. I’ve never heard or seen on video of anyone winning more than $1 million, but the entry pages talk about bigger cash prizes than $1 million. Also, how you ask pch a question? I put in my topic then it asks me to choose an attachment. I don’t want to send an attachment, but, it won’t let me continue.

    1. Hi Holly, The $2 million, Lincoln MKZ and the $10,000 a month giveaway is a Special Early Look event. During the life of a giveaway, we will hold these events to look to see if the winning SuperPrize number has been returned yet. If it hasn’t, we hold a random drawing for a $1Million second chance prize as is the case with our upcoming prize day. That’s what’s so great about an Early Look, even when the winning number isn’t received, we still have a winner! If the winning number isn’t returned during any of the Special Early Look events, then we will award the promoted prize on the end date of the giveaway…guaranteed! Since the winning SuperPrize number has not been returned, we will award the big prize on 02/28/2018. For more info on how a Special Early Look works, click here: http://bit.ly/Special-Early-Look

  2. hello Justine my name is louise lampley and i like to know when do yall put the winner online for the superprize for April