Get Your Dream Garden With PCHtips Spring Gardening Tips!

Springtime is “the” time to open up your garden shed and get growing on your dream garden! I personally don’t have a lot of gardening experience, but over the years I’ve known the pleasure of growing my own vegetables. (There’s nothing like fresh-from-the-vine tomatoes for salads and BLTs!) Last year, I tackled a new gardening project: I dug up the old azalea bushes on the north side of my house and planted some lovely young shade-loving shrubs. This season, I plan to learn how to prepare the soil for a bumper crop of snap peas, among other projects!

Luckily, I have spring gardening help — PCHtips!

Imagine an internet library of household hints and guides for better living, all presented in quick, practical, and easy to understand “bites.” That’s PCHtips! Full of fun and authoritative articles, it offers would-be Do-It-Yourself-ers like me smart and affordable ways to turn your “to do” list into your “Ta Da!” list. And its Gardening page makes “going green” a breeze!

Suppose you want to get started on getting your dream garden and nurturing your lawn. Visit PCHtips, click on the Gardening link, and read Lawn Care in Early Spring. There you go — you’ve taken the first steps to enjoying a “carpet” of green all summer long!

Do you live up North where the growing season is short? Giving Your Seeds a Headstart Indoors provides spring gardening tips to sidestep the problem. Got limited growing space? “How To’s” such as Create a Potted Herb Garden and Make the Most of a Small Garden show you ways to maximize the space you have.

There are so many gardening ideas at PCHtips, you may be inspired to try a new gardening project. Wondering about rooftop gardens? How to Construct a Green Roof could answer your questions. You can even discover how to save money by learning to Make Your Own Fertilizer and Grow Your Own Shiitake Mushrooms. And that’s just for starters!

Whether you want to plant outdoors or indoors, everyone from beginners to seasoned gardeners can glean a bushel-full of spring gardening tips from the Gardening page at PCHtips! It’s like chatting with a friend over the backyard fence! And after you’re done, use the navigation bar at the top of the page to visit your favorite PCH websites.

So why not bookmark PCHTips and make it your “go-to” site for “how-to” information? Keep checking back often, because you never know when more articles will “sprout up!”

Your dream garden is only a few clicks away!

Joyce W.

PCH Online Creative

P.S. In this blog, I told you about my upcoming garden project — now it’s your turn! Use the space below to share your plan!

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  1. the gardening tips will really help out thank you pch and I really hope I’m the one that you pick for the April 29, 2016 give away #6900.

  2. A little greenhouse with solar windows,be a good project for my grandkids & I. Besides veggies,probably roses, Lillie’s, ferns & honeysuckle,” help bees too” maybe some baby chicks,”fertilizer” to make my lawn &flower projects grow with a natural boost of energy**

  3. Hi, my name is Adrianne Kalinowski. I just started working with Lowe’s garden center.I love helping people with thier gardens. I love watching plants, flower’s and tree’s grow. Did you know there are 80,000 different plants, flower’s and tree’s? At the Lowe’s garden center I saw some Peachs starting to grow on the Peach trees. I enjoy watering the plants and taking care of them. I hope you have a great summer.

  4. Just wanted to thank you Joyce W., for this great PCHTips about Gardening, I love tips about almost any thing and gardening is one of them. Is this a picture of you gardening? If that is your garden, it looks great!!! Well I will look into these tips and talk to my husband about them. Well, HAPPY, HAPPY, HAPPY GARDENING!