Gamers, Meet Janice: Our Gaming Guru!

Those of us who enjoy playing free online games rarely think about what it takes to bring those games to our computer screens. But to make a game site fresh, easy, and compelling and FUN, a lot of decisions go into the process. At Publishers Clearing House, one of the primary gaming decision-makers is Janice R.

As Director of Online Marketing for the PCHPlay&Win properties, Janice is a driving force behind, you guessed it, PCHgames, PCHlotto and PCHslots. Her mission: to deliver engaging free online games you love to play and as many chances to win as possible. “For PCHgames specifically, we want our gamers to feel like it’s a place where they can come to relax and have fun,” Janice says. Sounds like a gaming vacation to me!

So just what kinds of games are offered? “We cover all the popular categories, such as Solitaire, Mahjongg, Slots, Trivia, Strategy, Arcade, Sports and Casino. If you like to play fun games, we have a game for you!” says Janice.

How does Janice and her team choose the specific games? “We develop new games based on those our users currently love to play.” For instance, Mahjongg is very popular, so in the past few weeks, Janice and her team launched a new, classic Mahjongg game and another called Jolly Jong 2. And wouldn’t you know, the gamers are loving them!

How do they keep gamers coming back for more? “We have a robust calendar of events so that gamers are rewarded as they play throughout the month.” For instance, Janice’s team loves giving away tokens that players can use to enter our monthly Sweepstakes. “When we brainstorm new events,” she says, “we try to think of any fun holidays, how we can give away tokens in an enticing way and reward users for playing different games.  Also, we have a monthly tournament game where we typically give away over $2,000.00 in prizes!” GAME ON!

Speaking of tournaments, Janice — a wife and proud mother of three — is training to run a half-marathon this summer! That kind of energy transfers itself to PCH, where she and her team are striving to bring you more tournaments, more gaming excitement, and more ways to win instantly!

Coming up with FREE online games plus great opportunities for REAL chances to win REAL money — BIG MONEY! — is Janice’s forte. But what she really loves is listening to what you, the gamers, want!

“I would just like to say thank you to our fans. You really make my job fun and rewarding. I always appreciate your feedback — it’s gratifying to hear how much you love to play our games, and it’s amazing to hear from our winners.  I promise that I will continue to make our PCHPlay&Win sites even more fun, with even more prize winning opportunities!”

So c’mon, share your thoughts with Janice below. And as always, happy gaming to all!

Joyce W.
PCH Online Creative

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  1. Janice hi =) I cannot get the slots to come up at all. All I get is a complete blank white screen. Everything I have is up-to-date and I love slots =( very saddened.

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  3. Hey Janice do you know why the PCH Bingo And PCH Slots Are Not Working It makes 3 days since they have worked i have tried every thing , i love playing all PCH games !