On SuperPrize Event Day, How Will YOU Follow The Prize Patrol?

May 31st is only 2 days away when the Prize Patrol will be delivering a BIG SuperPrize from the Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes!  We know how eager you are to know where they are headed, who will win, and what SuperPrize amount will be awarded. And we are just as eager to keep you updated. That’s why for this prize delivery, we’re giving updates in NEW places, like right here on this blog!  Keep reading so you can get the full scoop!

On May 31st, the PCH Blog will be updated many times with clues about where the Prize Patrol is headed!  It’s the first time that we’ll be updating the blog in this way for a SuperPrize Event. We’re very excited to get you blog readers in on the fun, and hope you are too! Let us know what you think about it in your comments below!

As with every SuperPrize delivery, you can also visit the PCH Fan Page throughout the day to see special messages from the Prize Patrol.  Click on the Winning Moments tab to see video updates as they make their way to the winner! Itching to find out who will win the Sweepstakes? Make sure you come back to the PCH Fan Page to see an official winner announcement!

Danielle Lam LOVES giving fans hints and travel updates on her Prize Patrol Fan Page. Be sure to check it regularly to see behind-the-scenes photos of the delivery. And now that Todd Sloane has a Fan Page of his very own, you can also find prize delivery updates there!

So what do you think? How will YOU follow the Prize Patrol on SuperPrize Award day? With every minute that goes by on May 31st, the anticipation about who will win the Sweepstakes is sure to build, so I suggest you keep up with ALL the updates from the Prize Patrol — on each of the Fan Pages and right here on the blog!

Who knows… maybe the hints will let you figure out that the Prize Patrol is heading to your door! How cool would that be?

Victoria Zimmerman

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  1. oh the suspense will kill me, I’ll be reading to see if the priza patrol will knock on my door!!!!! I hope so.

  2. im praying that it is coming to charlotte nc 28262. my door! im also wishing good luck to every one

  3. danniele post the clues as soon as possible i am very excited i am waiting for you in MIAMI FLORIDA F A N # 1 MY DOOR IS OPEN FOR YOU GUYS W E L C O M E TO S U N S H I N E C I T Y LOVE PCH

  4. Yes, I will Continue Reading & Commenting On PCHBLOG like I’ve aways did an now its Great you all are using Via..up dates during the date of the Event Thanks we Could’nt of asked for more Exciting Info,than this PCHBLOG, thank you for what you do… Happy May 31st Event Day! Good Luck!!!☺

  5. I was just wondering if I should be looking out for a letter letting me know that I am on the short list of winners? I have always heard that the PCH will let you know if you should be looking out for the Prize Patrol to be coming to your door. I am so excited!

    1. Hi Joe,

      The short list is a list of 211 people who receive a letter from PCH notifying them that they have won at least a $1,000.00 prize. One of these people will be the SuperPrize winner that the Prize Patrol is looking for.

      Good luck!

      Victoria At PCH

      1. hi,victoria,question if we did not receive a letter saying we won a least 1,000,00 prob.not gonna be a winner? true or false, by the way i never received any letter saying i won,just been eligible to win,so im prob,not a winner!

      2. Victoria,

        You said 211 people are getting letters… Have the letters been sent yet? Will they all actually get prizes in varied amounts, or will just one of the 211 get a prize?


      3. So if we haven’t recieved something in the mail by now we may as well not even be looking for the super prize right?

      4. So the way I understand Victoria, is that if you are on the short list, you will receive a letter. And if not, then you know you aren’t a winner this time? Also, How much prior to that day would you receive a letter? A week or so?

      5. So if i did not get a letter there is no chance i won 🙁 i know now im not one of the 211 people winning a price . well good luck next time

      6. Would the letter be in the mail or could it be an e-mail? This is exciting, We could really use the money. After battling breast cancer and that financial burden this would be a blessing. I can’t wait for a prize patrol clue.

  6. Way too cool Victoria, way to cool! 🙂 That is going to be the most exciting day of someone’s life and boy; I sure do hope it’s ME! (giggling) Just think in two days, Aah the anticipation is killing me! Im trying to remain calm and to not get to excited. I haven’t won yet! But now that I know Danielle’s planning on posting updates right here on the blog. It’ definitely not going to be easy! I think that’s an awesome idea by the way. Facebook is not an everyday thing for me, however the blog is! I probably check in once or twwice to catch the action Question: Will we be able to witness the preparation of the big check, the mini check, blazers, etc. everything that goes into preparing for the trip? I know there will be clues on where there headed but, the others things i’ve meantioned are just as important, so! 🙂 Thank you in advance!

  7. I would like to win and get my own house for myself hopefully i will win i have to get back on my own to feet.