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  1. i hope i win the 5,000 a week for life im a single mom of two girls one is 2 and the other is 8 months this would change our lives forever i want my girls to have what i wasnt able to have when growing up i have faith and believe that i am going to win 🙂 🙂

  2. I am fairly new to pch…I like it though. I am home a lot and haven’t much else to do. So, I enter these sweepstakes as often as I can. I don’t. really care either way, it would be awesome but I have fun here & these games keep me entertained. It’s like 1 in a million, right?! So I just have fun with it, I’m not gonna get my undies in a bunch:) I think that pch and it’s employees are pretty tubular!!! It would be one of the greatest jobs ever. Pch doesn’t. have to award BIG prizes. That states a lot about a company’s values, seriously. They could just give away small prizes, yet they don’t…what more could any of ask for? And just for the record…being poor in America isn’t so bad. Thete are lots of programs out there that help us get through our bumps in life. The welfare programs, if you’re enrolled, will help pay for college. HUD helps with things & habitat for humanity just to name a few. I hope it’s us & we are but 2 people but if it’s elsewhere…then kudos to the winner, you probably. deserve it:)

  3. I’ve been entering daily too. No, the one for november is a different 5,000 a week for life contest, the one for August 31st, 2012 deadline has passed. The one for November, is 1 million plus the 5,000 a week for life. It’s a complete different contest. But yeah, you can enter once a day, unless you win a contest where it allows you to enter up to 10 entries a day, or win an extra entry to a contest. 🙂
    Hope this helped. I’m still waiting patiently, I can’t wait to see who the winner is. God bless everyone.

  4. Ive been entering daily for months. Ive entered there (pch) big drawings for years. Originaly it said winner will announced Aug 31sr 2012 now its sayin Nov 30th!? Does ny1,no y?
    Also how many times a day can u enter 4 the $5k a week 4 life?

  5. It is a shame that I have placed at minimum 5 entries a day for a year, numbers, search and win and I have won nothing not even the 100.00 dollar prize. It’s not that I wouldn’t be greatful but I have played to win the Super Prize. Just a dream!!
    Can you imagine saying: I just won 5000.00 a week a week for life from pch and it’s real. Yes I can imagine.

      1. Hello all,

        I am beyond grateful that I was born with what blessings I do have. Born in the u.s. of a. Life is a beautiful thing, it is, in and of itself, a blessing of the grandest magnitude. I am a young man, a young single father (another blessing of grandeur) of the most amazing 3 year old boy I could have imagined. I have crohn’s disease, which at times is totally debilitating. All I want in this life is to be with my son and give him a shot at a really good life. This would change our lives for generations to come. This money would allow us to start a family business, a legacy. It is so much money that at least half each week would go to helping hand picked people in need as well as charitable organisations whom know so much better then I what to do with a gift of wealth. I pray and pray and pray. I hope with all the best of intentions that our family is awarded this super(b) prize. So… god, PCH, universe, all that is good in this life, please please let us win this life.

  6. well i know that there are people out there that need this prize more than me. i just would like to get the chance to live a good life because i’m still young i’m 15 and i did not get anything handed to me. i worked for everything and my family hasn’t had money to meet my needs i would just like a chance to have my own room and things. i am also happy that PCH allows 15 year olds to have the chance to win

  7. I would like to win on Ausgust 31,2012 since that is my Birthday, what a present that would be, so yes I will be waiting for that knock on my Door” hoping it does happen. I would like to thank “PCH” for allowing me to enter for such a good opportunity.