Didn’t Reel In The Big One? Keep Fishin’ For Your Big Catch!

A few weeks ago I was down south and a friend invited me to go fishing in the Gulf of Mexico.  While I grew up near Long Island Sound beaches where fishing is justifiably popular, the sport never appealed to me as much as it did to my dad and older brother.  Nonetheless, this invitation was too good to pass up: all I had to do to enjoy a beautiful day on the water was to supply the lunch; everything else would be taken care of by my host or the captain.   So off we sailed – in search of “The Big One” – with my bag of sandwiches from Panera Bread (yum!).

Well, there was some rain, and the fish weren’t biting – except for a small sand shark, a couple of catfish and some little creatures that had to be thrown back.  But what a good time we had – even if I didn’t bring home a big catch for a seafood dinner.  Maybe I’ll do better the next time.

And that’s exactly how I want you folks to think about the big SuperPrize. Even if you weren’t the big winner of our Sweepstakes yesterday…even if you didn’t reel in “The Big One” yet…I hope you all had fun fishin’ for your big catch from Publishers Clearing House…the grand-daddy of Sweepstakes.

Of course, like all fishermen, you must be patient. Even if you didn’t win this time, you’ve got to try again! Entering is kind of like putting a few fishing lines in the lake – with lots of bait.  The more entries, the better your chances of receiving a surprise visit from the PCH Prize Patrol. And unlike me who only gets to go fishing every once in a while, you can enter our Sweepstakes today and every day — for more chances to win your big catch!

So c’mon, give it another go. Drop your line at pch.com or PCHSearch&Win – and maybe you’ll reel in The Big One, the Sweepstakes catch of a lifetime!

Good luck!

Dave Sayer 

Prize Patrol Ambassador

P.S. Be sure to check out PCHLotto today for the special Father’s Day Event Card — Papa’s $700.00 Panda-Money-Um! You could win $700.00 CASH!


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  1. I haven been receiving any more emails from publisher clearing house for almost a month I do not know why last email I got was in Dec 22 than they stopped. S

  2. I’m going to reel in the WHOPPER!!! It’s not getting away from me… woooo hoooo Come to mama..easy now!

  3. Good day to Dave,Danielle & Todd it is a great day here. Even if I didn’t win you guy’s are the best at what you do, and I never give up some day I will win. My husband and
    I used to go fishing all the time but never got a chance to go on a charter for the big fish I always wanted to go. But we watch it on his TV and wish that we had got a chance to go on one. Well have a good day to all.

  4. just wondering why im not receiving anymore emails from publisher’s clearing house to win? i receive pch emails for games, but not to enter. what do i do about that?

    1. Hi Sadae,

      You might need to update your mailing address! To update your mailing address with us, please send us a message at our Ask Us page: http://pch.custhelp.com/app/ask. Be sure to indicate both your old address and new address when writing to us.

      Victoria At PCH

  5. faith everyone. life revoles around. whether it is believing in some higher power watching from above, or faith in being a part of something special (like winner the jackpot :-p lol), your faith is something nobody can take from you. never give up hope! keep your faith. and as always, live your life to the fullest! don’t let one moment of sadness of something not going as you hoped get the better of you. show the world you are an amazing person by being able to push past the despair! 🙂

  6. Hi All I am so happy for the winner!
    I could not keep up with the clues since I was working that day and all I could hope for is that I would get a call to go to the front while I was working and get surprised. It would have been so nice to finally be able to do what I want to do instead of having to stay in a job to make the bills. I have to look at the positives though, at least I am still working at this point right?
    I do have a question though, why is it on the entries I received in the mail and when I was receiving emails stating the numbers I had were part of the super prize numbers and even guarantee it yet no one one the super prize??

  7. i love fishing if im steers i go fishing my self relax me from financial problem and work and my coming deployment i don’t want to leave my wife and two kids i hope i win soon any price will be fine but getting big one will be better thanks PCH you guys change other peoples life keep up the good work good luck every body keep on playing and believe on your dreams someday its your time