The Girls of Summer

Hi blog readers! Happy 1st day of summer! We’re the Publishers Clearing House “Girls Of Summer,” and in the video below, we give you a special peek at our favorite must haves for summer!



Want to order any of the must haves for summer shown in the video above? Click here to get started.

We hope you enjoy your 1st day of summer! Comment below to tell us how you’re celebrating!

The Publishers Clearing House Girls Of Summer

Danielle, Amanda and Laura

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  1. Wow! I was interested in who does the writing for PCH and I’m impressed. Both my teenage daughters like writing, and for sure – I’ve let them know about you ladies. Danielle your outfit gave me an idea of what color blue to sew my expected “coming home teenage daughter, 13 yr old” from her visit from up north. Light pale below or light mermaid green. You ladies are awesome!

  2. OMGOSH!!! I missed a blog!! This one is really cool. Funny how I am beginning to have such a liking to these 3 summer gals…

    Video = great idea… whichever bee buzzed that one up is a honey maker!! woooo hooo
    3 honeys
    1. Laura
    2. Amanda
    3. Danielle
    In that order… sorry Dani, you’ve always been 1st but in this video, Laura got the spot!
    Amanda… yup, I bought that book and I love it!

    Nice promoting and advertising too..
    Does that corn thing do a good job?

  3. Hi PCH! Thank you for the video blog, I do love these. I actually watched it yesterday but didn’t have time to blog. Summer always seems busier, and my hubby doesn’t go to work when it’s dark and come home when it’s dark so we are able to do more when he gets home. It seems to bring more energy! I spent the first day of summer with my daughter who visited and talking on the computer with my son!:) Love technology!