Win $5,000 A Week “Forever” & More This August!

Did you know that the meaning of August is GREAT or MAGNIFICENT?

Well, Publishers Clearing House gives fans like you SO many chances to win this month that we’ve taken August “GREATNESS” to a whole new level! There’s our August 31st $5,000 A Week “Forever” Prize Event … Instant Prizes at PCHSearch … a PRIZE RICH PCHGames Treasure Hunt Tournament … and so much more!

PCH’s Newest Millionaire Announced On NBC This August 31st!

Make sure to get your entries in every day, because Publishers Clearing House is looking to award our FIRST-EVER $5,000 A Week “Forever” prize this August 31stin our Special Early Look Event. A “Forever” Prize winner would receive $5,000 a week for life, then after that, the $5,000 payments would continue on for the life of a special someone the winner chooses. Be sure to enter at until August 23rd to get in the running for this legacy-worthy prize!

Are You SEARCHING For Amazing Prize Opportunities In August?

As if the “Forever” prize weren’t enough, just look at some of the INSTANT PRIZES being awarded at PCHSearch this August:

  • 10 Kindle Fires
  • 3 Acer Aspire Notebooks — valued at $600.00 each
  • A Samsung Series-6 60″ HDTV — valued at $3,200.00

And August 31st will be a big day at PCHSearch, too, because thousands of dollars in cash will be awarded during a CASH CRAZE!

Go On A TREASURE HUNT This August At PCHGames!

Go for some riches on August 22nd when you play in PCHGames’ Treasure Hunt Tournament! This is one of PCHGames’ most popular games. Plus, you could win one of these BIG CASH PRIZES:

  • $1,000.00 First Place Prize
  • $500.00 Second Place Prize
  • $250.00 Third Place Prize
  • $100.00 each for Top 3 Token earners

PCHGames will also award $150.00 cash to two random Treasure Hunt tournament players!

Get Ready For PCHlotto Excitement In August!

Make sure to visit PCHlotto every day in August, because every day brings new BIG PRIZE thrills like:

  • $10,000.00 Rainy Day Riches
  • Lucky Break $1.25 Million Jackpot Card

And guess what? August 31st is also a special day for PCHlotto with a 1,000.00 Summer’s End Payout Event!

Don’t Let The BIG PRIZE Opportunities Of AUGUST Pass You By!

To get the most out of all the GREATNESS at Publishers Clearing House in August, be sure to visit, PCHSearch, PCHGames and PCHlotto each and every day!


Elliott M.
PCH Creative


  1. Mr. Elliot . My wish was simple and clear ,I have never ask for a big wish for me .Only a wish been able to help my family.Move to a place where I can work in the same place making things to sell them .I gave up on my wish to have a place to make things. But my wishes I gave up.Now the wish I have is to be able to help the the children in africa for education because those children have nothing but fear, hunger, deseases, pain, sadness, and small place with dirt,without almost no water and a four tree sticks cover with a rag in dry dusty place they call home. No food enough ,no water enough ,no medicines enough , no warm cvovers in the night ,hungry and no one to call for help or a hand out because the other neighbors are going through the
    same thing.My wish is to be able to help a little .There are other children that are in need of eye operations, cancer and other sickness that need people to help them , they are suffering dearly. Giving monthly donations to this children will be a great thing for them .I believe that if this children are help the world will be better.This is my wish .I hope it does happen.MCH

  2. Dear, PCH

    We enter to win every day and pray our family be blessed to win that great blessing to have forever chance to be finacialy stable so we keep praying togather and staying togather that we be sucessful thankyou PCH for giving us a chance GOD BLESS everyone in there chance of winning and dont give up keep tring and good luck 🙂

  3. I have been unemployed for almost two years and i have been going to school for pipe welding i pray i get a job this recession is a bad on i grauate soon this prize money would be a god send i hope this poor person aka me wins so i can get caught up on bills and be able to continue my college to get an associates degree in welding and possible batchlors god is good

  4. I pray that i win because i know i been going through some trials and tribulations im a young single mother who is very hardworking and loves spending time with my son.Im not working as of now and my son’s farther is not in his life my mom passed away 6 years ago in this month 0n August 18,thats my momb birthday eventhough she deceased i pray that everyday that i would be blessed real soon so i could stop struggling as a single mother parent takin care of my son.Anyways i thank god for because i truely believe im going to be this years chosen winner nodoubt about everyone be blessed Angela..

  5. What about the shortlist? When will we find out if we are on it or not and if not, do we still have any chance of winning?


  7. I will be gretful to win $5,000 a week so that I can help my kids over 1000 in Asia.
    Thank you
    Somporn N.

  8. I don’t know if I would win are not.. But I do know if I did it would be a blessing to me and my family .. Our family has had it really hard .. I found my soul mate three years ago.. It was love at first sight .. We got to know each other and he told me he had cancer and he was doing chemo.. I told him we will get through this and fight the cancer together… We have been fighting the cancer for three years in June 2012 the doctors wanted to do a stem cell transplant . Because all the chemo they tried stop working after a few months.. So they had to work fast when the chemo starts to work the first time then the second treatment would be a high dose to kill all cells in his body.. That means red, white and cancer cells.. Then the transplant ..In August is when they r going to check and see if they did it .. But I have faith that its gone. All I know is if our family wins it would be awesome.. But the greates gift of all would be is when the doctor tell us that he is cancer free.. Yours truly C.H.

  9. My Name is Cathy Gordon & I enter everyday several times a day, I have been entering your sweepstakes ever since we moved to NC which is over 22 years ago. I lost my husband back in October 2004 & it has been a struggle ever since, my vehicle got repoed & I have doctor appointments that I have to either get someone to take me or they let me use their vehicle. I really PRAY to GOD that I win the 10 million dollars, I would be able to pay off my land and trailor that me & my husband bought. I could help my family in Mississippi that was effected by Katrina, they lost everything and are having to start over. I know there are alot of people that enter but I can honestly say I need it more, I want to bring up a subject to you- when you show the world the winners you never see yall in the country, its always in a nice housing subdivision that yall go to. I live in Fairview, NC and I live in the country so to speak. It use to be more country out here but there is so much growth till we aren’t as alone as we use to be out here. I really need to win this sweepstakes so I can keep the place my husband wanted me to have, I would be very grateful.

    Yours Truly;
    Cathy Gordon

  10. Hi PCH! I haven’t given up, may have some set-backs, but just like life I keep moving on!Haha! I too am going for the Forever Prize! What a difference it would make! I keep hearing the song Prize Patrol to the Rescue! All the prizes at PCHSearch sound wonderful, one in college, one planning on moving back to attend college. Any extras are appreciated greatly! 🙂

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