Win $5,000 A Week “Forever” & More This August!

Did you know that the meaning of August is GREAT or MAGNIFICENT?

Well, Publishers Clearing House gives fans like you SO many chances to win this month that we’ve taken August “GREATNESS” to a whole new level! There’s our August 31st $5,000 A Week “Forever” Prize Event … Instant Prizes at PCHSearch … a PRIZE RICH PCHGames Treasure Hunt Tournament … and so much more!

PCH’s Newest Millionaire Announced On NBC This August 31st!

Make sure to get your entries in every day, because Publishers Clearing House is looking to award our FIRST-EVER $5,000 A Week “Forever” prize this August 31stin our Special Early Look Event. A “Forever” Prize winner would receive $5,000 a week for life, then after that, the $5,000 payments would continue on for the life of a special someone the winner chooses. Be sure to enter at until August 23rd to get in the running for this legacy-worthy prize!

Are You SEARCHING For Amazing Prize Opportunities In August?

As if the “Forever” prize weren’t enough, just look at some of the INSTANT PRIZES being awarded at PCHSearch this August:

  • 10 Kindle Fires
  • 3 Acer Aspire Notebooks — valued at $600.00 each
  • A Samsung Series-6 60″ HDTV — valued at $3,200.00

And August 31st will be a big day at PCHSearch, too, because thousands of dollars in cash will be awarded during a CASH CRAZE!

Go On A TREASURE HUNT This August At PCHGames!

Go for some riches on August 22nd when you play in PCHGames’ Treasure Hunt Tournament! This is one of PCHGames’ most popular games. Plus, you could win one of these BIG CASH PRIZES:

  • $1,000.00 First Place Prize
  • $500.00 Second Place Prize
  • $250.00 Third Place Prize
  • $100.00 each for Top 3 Token earners

PCHGames will also award $150.00 cash to two random Treasure Hunt tournament players!

Get Ready For PCHlotto Excitement In August!

Make sure to visit PCHlotto every day in August, because every day brings new BIG PRIZE thrills like:

  • $10,000.00 Rainy Day Riches
  • Lucky Break $1.25 Million Jackpot Card

And guess what? August 31st is also a special day for PCHlotto with a 1,000.00 Summer’s End Payout Event!

Don’t Let The BIG PRIZE Opportunities Of AUGUST Pass You By!

To get the most out of all the GREATNESS at Publishers Clearing House in August, be sure to visit, PCHSearch, PCHGames and PCHlotto each and every day!


Elliott M.
PCH Creative


  1. $5,000 a week, for life? Gee, what do I buy next/what charity do I wish to contribute to/ where is the girl/woman of my dreams – to help me spend/ invest this money?


  3. I would like to win the $5,000. a week forever to assist my family financially and to help other people in need. My family have experienced the usually miseries of life that others suffer. It is important to me to make my grandchildren’s futures more secure. The winnings would be spent or donated wisely, i.e. investment for scholarships, etc.
    Thank you, John Alexander

  4. Winning would definitely be a blessing for my family. I was recently pink-slipped from my job. At 61 years of age, it will be hard for me to find work. I will get 20 weeks of unemployment with no extensions. I am too young to retire and need to work 91/2/ more years. My husband is on Social Security with no pension.
    My family would be eternally grateful. Thank you for the chance to win!

  5. It would be a blessing for us to win 5000 a week forever. My husband died 3 years ago he passed away from cancer of the lung & brain, since then my son and i has lived in a shelter becouse of my husbands family turned against us and stole everything. So we have been through alot in the past,Now were liveing in indiana, with my grandbaby due november the 15. I would be so grathful to win this.

  6. I pray every day that I will win the $5,000.00 a week for life so that I can leave a legacy with my son and daughter. I also want to help my mother and father live their last days comfortably at home. My mother has spinal cancer and osteoperosis which is very painful. She cannot walk and is in a wheel chair. My father is bed ridden. He is like a vegitable. The only way he can eat is through a feeding tube. Mother has used the last of her and Dads lifes saving to be able to stay at home with caregivers staying with them 24/7. My Mom and Dad sacrificed a lot for me and my four sisters and I want to help them this time, its my turn to help them. I also want to pay off my credit cards and finally be debt free. I just recently went through a rough divorce and winning this would help me get a fresh new start. Help me make my dreams come true so I can help the ones I love and help me have a blessed new start. Thank you.
    Janet Stovall

  7. I would love to win, and obviously would pay off existing loans, houses for both my girls, and a fund for my adorable grandsons, and some treats e.g. cruising with the WHOLE family – a dream of mine.My husband has almost lost sight in one eye, and would go to the Mayo to see if anything could be done. But I do envy the wealthy movie stars who can give to so many charities and help so many people, that would be so rewarding. Hope I am lucky

  8. It sure would be awesome to win 5,000 a week forever. I,m like millions of others, have never seen,- let alone,- ever had such an amount of money before in my life. It would be a blessing and to finally get to pay all my bills that I drowned in every month. Have a great day.

  9. It would really help our family due to my husband’s cancer. He is going thru many treatments and the $5,000.00 would really help w/our bills.
    We knnow there that other people are going thru the same thing, but it would be very nice if we could win the $5,000.00. Please God help all of us.

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