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  1. Hi Dave, I’m aware that each entry (online and paper) states that an order will not enhance one’s chances of winning, however, does NOT ordering DECREASE one’s chances?

  2. Pch said i was approved. For 700000 but i went to search now an nothing came up as far as that so what to do

  3. I’ve been participating in this PCH stuff for some time now and I’m beginning to believe that other people are right it’s not honest my wife tried to warn me but I still believe in people i guess I was wrong,PCH if in fact you are a scam shame on you the world needs encouragement not discouragement i serve honorably for 6 years in the Marine Corps note i said honorably! PCH try it, it might just work

    1. Hey James – PCH is not a scam. You never have to make a purchase to enter or to win any PCH Sweepstakes. Buying won’t improve your chances of winning either. PCH Sweepstakes winners are chosen at random, and each entry has the same chance of winning. You can check out some of our winners here: http://bit.ly/PCH_YouTube

  4. I have been ordering for over 37 years and have never won anything from PCH. Over the years I have bought thousands of dollars of merchandise. It sure would be nice to win but I never see anyone in Florida win. With the economy in Florida so bad and being without a job for four years I hope PCH may take pity on me and finally give me a break.

    1. Linda, you are never under any obligation to purchase anything in order to play, enter or win with PCH and it does not increase your chances of winning. Thanks!

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