Love Saving Money? PCH Makes Shopping Smart Easy!

Hi blog readers, I’m Regina, Assistant Manager of Product Analysis at PCH. I’m here to share with you how the folks in my department spend our time putting together a wide selection of products for our loyal and cherished customers who are interested in saving money and shopping smart.

You see, in the job of Product Analysis, the satisfaction of our customers is our number one priority. Some of the key ingredients that make this possible include low prices that help make saving money easy and picking products that our customers will enjoy. Here at PCH, we understand what great deals mean to you – so we spend our time doing everything we can to remain competitive – without ever compromising quality.

Are you familiar with our amazing PCH Super Values?  Take a look at some of our great deals here and let me know which are your favorites by commenting below! (If you haven’t already registered you’ll need to fill in your information before you can see all our exciting offers).

My current position here at Publishers Clearing House puts me at a hands-on level – I take a look at our products and precisely select what we sell so that, as a team, we can bring you new items, hot deals and super savings that’ll make you feel like a winner every time you shop. At Publishers Clearing House, we put a huge importance on value – so you can feel confident that you’re really shopping smart when you hit the check out button online or send your order through the mail. Plus, what you may not realize is that we focus our efforts to stay ahead of the competition – and if our competitors are offering products with a special savings, we will strive to meet that savings, or even better, offer you a more attractive price.

Here at PCH we frequently offer our products with Savings or Buy 1 Get 1 FREE Deals.  Which do you prefer – to SAVE BIG or to get something for FREE?

Another part of my job is understanding who YOU are in order to give you the great deals you love. While searching for overall values – we do our best to take into account what things you like – are you a fan of Gardening? Jewelry? Staying healthy? Collecting treasures?  Sports?  Well, we’ve got something for you!   We take delight in offering you the things you love – while delivering satisfaction to our existing and new customers – every single day!

Please take a look at our selection and tell us how we’re doing. Do you find great PCH deals you love online or through the mail?  Let me know below!

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  1. I’d really love to see more Coast Guard products. PCH does offer a lot of military service affinity products, but almost always leaves out the fifth armed service, the US Coast Guard. I know I’d buy some if they were offered.

  2. hello i love the coupons, I have checked them out I have not been able to take a the advantage of them because my printer is broke and cant afford to get it fix it is so old that i would be better off getting a new one it is a 1999 printer i have a very old computer. but the deals i see agree pretty good.

  3. Hey Regina, Thanks for giving us an inside look at PCH Product Analysis and how you work to put together the most appealing offers to please our customers!
    Deborah @PCH