PCH Prize Patrol…On The Road Again For MORE Prizes!

Hi PCH blog readers! It’s been an exciting few weeks for all of you and all of us here at Publishers Clearing House. On August 31st, we awarded the first ever $5,000 A Week “Forever” prize to John Wyllie of Oregon. Then, not even two weeks later, the Prize Patrol was back on the road again awarding even MORE prizes.

Now that Danielle Lam, Prize Patrol Elite, is back in the office, I got to hear all about last week’s two exciting prize deliveries! On Monday, September 10th, Danielle and PCH friend Amanda flew to Phoenix, Arizona to award $10,000.00.

Jodi Woods was the lucky winner of this big prize. The Prize Patrol got pretty lucky too – they managed to catch Jodi just as she was putting on her shoes to leave for work as a massage therapist! Often, PCH winners aren’t home and the Prize Patrol has to do everything in their power to find them! But on Jodi’s lucky day, they arrived in the nick of time.

Jodi was a pleasure to meet! Danielle says she was bubbly, excited, shocked, and thrilled. “Who couldn’t use $10,000?” asked Jodi. (I don’t know – could YOU use $10,000 for something?). One of Danielle’s favorite parts of the trip? Meeting Jodi’s two pets – a dog and a cat!

All together, it was a quick stop in Phoenix… after all, Jodi had to get going to work. Jodi and the Prize Patrol all joked that the massages she gives after that winning moment would be worth $10,000.00!

Unfortunately, Jodi’s boyfriend was at work and could not enjoy the experience. She said she was going to leave the Big Check by the door and make her own little winning moment for him. If you won the PCH sweepstakes, how would you let your loved ones know? Would you make your own little winning moment out of it to surprise your spouse or children if they weren’t home? Comment below and let me know!

Then be sure to enter at pch.com … and who knows, maybe next time the Prize Patrol will be on the road again to YOU!

Laura Wolfe @ PCH

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  1. Pch Newest Winner Carla Michelle Antee of Natchitoches LA NBC 5000.00 A Week Forever Gwy No 1830 3080 August 31st Event

  2. I don’t have much of a family that lives with me but i would sure call every last one if they don’t show up for it I’ll go and see them and tell them and even show them the mirical that god has done for me and take them out for dinner at this is it restaurant because i like there smotherd chicken we’ll celebrate a victory on the road