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  1. I do more then just believe I know The Publishers Clearing House and the sweepstakes it has are more then real. I play to win and have for 4 years now. I haven’t won a thing yet, but all is good. IM GONNA WIN!! I PLAY AND PREY AND PLAY AND PREY 🙂 THIS TIME IT’S MY TURN!! AMEN AND GOD BLESS ALL. KEEP TRYING FOLKS AND HAVE FAITH!

  2. I believing in the hope and expectation of winning the $5000 a week “Forever” prize for both personal and community service. For a number of years since moving to Florida, I have been impressed with volunteer efforts taking place in the Penney Farms community. Folks living there have worked internationally and volunteer in many ways, one primary service being PET which builds manually operational carts for adults and children who have limited legs or who have lost legs to land mine accidents, etc. Missionaries and retired former military personnel have noted this need internationally and encourage volunteer participation in this effort.
    JC Penney, a noted business man who operated with the “golden rule philosophy” founded the community in 1926. It remains noteworthy as a historical landmark and sits halfway between Gainesville and St. Augustine, Florida.