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  1. I certainly hope you have done something to make some headway to resolve the issue of persons that impersonate PCH highest ranked executives!! In addition, since you are on Facebook site, I do hope you have taken steps to ensure that NO ONE, I MEAN NO ONE, can take up a name of one of those executives with PCH Prize Patrol behind it!!! If you have taken such measures to stop this and safeguard we, the people, then I commend you! If you have NOT closed the BACK DOOR on these imposters, well, I will tell you, I am going after anyone I suspect!! I will report it! I resent it! I detest it! And the laws are on our side!! So, tighten up!!! KEEP IT SAFE!!!

    1. Hi Catching Diamonds,

      The safety and security of our fans is our number one concern. We have been working hard on making sure that our fans are informed about about how to protect themselves from scammers, and how to properly report them to the authorities!

      Victoria At PCH