The PCH Winner Selection List — The Hottest List In Town!

Who cares about the VIP list for the Academy Awards after-party, Manhattan’s hottest restaurant or LA’s coolest club? There’s another important list to consider. It’s the only list that could make you a PCH millionaire; the list that could change your life in ways you’ve only dreamed about; the list that has the potential to make you feel like you’re walking the red carpet every day of your life: The Winner Selection List at Publishers Clearing House.

So what exactly is this list? Well simply put, the Winner Selection List is the Official Publishers Clearing House record of all timely entries that are eligible to win a prize in a particular time frame. So for our November 30th Mega Prize Event, the Winner Selection List is the record of all timely entries eligible to win $1,000,000.00 Plus $5,000.00 A Week For Life! If you want to win the Mega Prize, you have to have an entry on this list! See I told you this was a good list to be on!

Do YOU have an entry onto the Winner Selection List for our Mega Prize yet? I sure hope so!

If you don’t, it’s not too late! Getting entries onto The Winner Selection List is easy! For starters, you may have received mailings or emails informing you that you can have a Prize Number on the Winner Selection List. All you have to do is respond right away, by the stated deadline, to make sure your number is permanently added to the list!

You can also accumulate many valid entries on The Winner Selection List through various Publishers Clearing House properties including, and PCHlotto — even the PCH Fan Page on Facebook!

And did you know that you can get additional entries onto the Winner Selection List for our November 30th Mega Prize every day up until November 19th? That’s right! So even if you already have an entry on the list, it’s in your best interest to get in as many entries as possible.

Plus, if you do win, you could get started on that other list…your WISH list! What would you do with all that newfound wealth? Just for fun, tell us in the comments section below.

Good Luck!

Maryann Carter
Manager, Sweepstakes Administration

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  1. I am on, 40 but am illegal with heart disease, the chance at winning has brought new life to me? One should always have hope? What I plan to do if I winning. Is make my family happy this is how I would find peace of mind before I pass. Thank you pch.

  2. pch crew and staff i would be so happy…because i can help others that have helped me get to where im at this day an time because if it wasnt for them i would so depressed an not knowing what to do so if i win i can give back to tho’s who have helped me…..thank you pch crew and staff

  3. mine wouldn’t be a wish but better yet a to do list because something has to change in this city, economy, and the world… and i’m going to accomplish that

  4. I would buy a car because i have my lisence but no car. Then id help my family with whatever they need, then id help my boyfriends family out soo they can pay their property taxes and such. And put the rest away for whatever i or anyone i know and love may need.

  5. I have total faith in pch!! that I will be meeting soon Danielle can’t wait to meet all of u.. I tell e everyone I am going go win publishing clearing house… And they laugh and I say ok u shall see come nov 30 2012 and than I proceed to tell them what I am going to do with the mega winning And they come and say u have a better chance of winning the lottery than winning that u don’t have any chance at all of winning pch u are waisting ur time and that I am absoultly crazy if I think for even a second that I could win pch..that’s what they all tell me..and they laugh i know u guys are coming I here soon they can call me crazy all they want… Can’t wait to prove this huge town of Olathe Ks that I am not crazy and u guys do make dreams like mine come true..