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  1. PCH prize Patrol I sure hope I get to meet you this year and looking forward to Babygirl you know just say that was respect give me all for you if you Dave Todd Danielle your friend Big Mike Arvada Colorado show me some love make my dreams come true see you soon

  2. I’m confident I’m going to win and get to meet the prize Patrol when they deliver my big check. my family’s had a lot of bad luck and it’s time for it to change. I love entering and playing the games online. as of recently I am no longer able to work and entering the sweepstakes and playing the games is my enjoyment and entertainment. I know I’m going to win . I have always taken care of my family and it’s time for that to pay off. my parents always said if you work hard good things will come to you. I look forward to meeting you and be careful on your journey. God bless

  3. If I We’re to win I will buy my family a home and a car. Then I will build a home for families in my current situation and figure out how to help people. My family of four are living in a small room and my daughter dreams of a house with a purple and pink room. So please lord let me give that to her. God bless all!!!!
    Jennifer Mclaughlin

  4. Todd Danielle Dave I’m going crazy but having fun playing trying to win the Super Prize open I’ll get to meet you three you know how much it would mean to me meet you guys and Danielle PCH prize Patrol come knocking on my door I’m waiting and wishing your friend Big Mike

  5. Hello prize Patrol Todd Dave Danielle PCH Well we’re getting close now aren’t we I can hardly stand it sure hope I win something soon wouldn’t that be something just got the car wreck the dump truck. Took me out drain o rooter lost two back wheels came loose and hit my van missed me and the van up totaled it hurt my back and neck and hips I still can’t believe it I thought my luck is going to change anyway if it wasn’t for bad luck I wouldn’t have any luck at all I guess I have to take what I can get it right maybe the prize Patrol can bring me some good luck I guess we’ll have to wait and see we keep on going and going and going your friend Mike

  6. Dave Daniel Todd hello these past few months have been a roller coaster ride up and down all around feel like you guys it’s been fun I play games I’ve searched and learn things I bought things I’m in it to win it i’v learned about the prize patrol and all the joy pch gives and the lifes you change the good things you do i’v had quite a ride hell i’v even been scamed told that I won 10.ooo.ooo dollors was I shock could’ent believe it so happy found out it wasent tuue brock my heart all in one day but it’s all good I guss I wanted it so bad need it so bad I guss it was part of the ride and you know what I sure hope the ride not over you know I ‘m in it to win it baby doll