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  1. Yes I’m ready, to win. All the bonus oppertunities, and $10,000 for life, #6900 can’t wait till you knock on my door

  2. It will be a joyful time of my life to see
    The prize patrol team at my door with a
    check that will Pay all my bills I thank
    Publisher Clearing House for a blessing
    That has change many people life also.

  3. I’m really trying to win. It would mean a lot to me. Cause I need things. Like 2 new electric wheelchair. Me and my husband are disabled can’t walk at all. Our electric wheelchair are not working. And the electric wheelchair are our legs. And a few things we need. Then I want to get a small building so the homeless and then help family I want to claim give away number 4900 and 7025. And all the other entry’s I have .I’m hoping I win.But if not good luck to the outhers winners.

  4. Could really use the money. We have had sad, difficult times going on and it’s stressing my family and loved ones hous