Prize Day Is TOMORROW! Stay Updated With The PCH Prize Patrol!

Hey Friends and Fans,

There are hundreds of quotes and sayings about the importance of preparation and being prepared. Many have posited that preparation is the key to success and, without it, we cannot successfully achieve our goals. I’ve always believed that preparation is an important – often fundamental – part of success.

As many of you know, the Prize Patrol will hit deliver the coveted Big Check TOMORROW, making another lucky individual a newly-minted millionaire. While preparing to deliver such a monumental prize may take days for the Prize Patrol (think of all the coordination needed!), all it takes is one entry from YOU for a chance to become a winner.

So what can YOU do on prize day (other than cross your fingers and hope for an impending visit from the Prize Patrol)? Well you can sit back and relax. But if you’re anything like me, you’ll never be able to do that! You could cook up a meal or make some coffee. Pretty yourself up or go au naturale (they’ll love you either way, I promise).

One thing you really should do is keep up with the Prize Patrol! If you’re not sure how you can do that, well, look no further than your computer screen. That’s right. Starting this afternoon, for the first time ever, there will be clues and photos one day in advance about where the Prize Patrol is heading on the Danielle Lam PCH Prize Patrol Fan Page on Facebook. Be sure to follow along and comment with your guesses! Then, tomorrow, there will more exciting behind-the-scenes updates and photos on Danielle’s Fan Page — and more clues ALL DAY LONG right here on the blog! And by the end of the day, the exciting winner announcement will also be posted here on the blog and on the PCH Fan Page. So be sure to keep checking back!

ONE MORE DAY! That’s all we have left! WHO’S EXCITED????

Good luck,

Jussie Wilder

P.S. I have the PERFECT way for you to stay busy tomorrow in between prize clues! PCHLotto!!!! Did you know that in addition to the MILLION DOLLAR SUPERPRIZE being awarded tomorrow, a $1.25 MILLION PCHlotto Jackpot  is guaranteed to be awarded by 12/12/12? It’s TRUE! Check out today’s Play&Win Blog for an exciting video with more details!

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  3. As a believer in fate I am positive I’ll win pch gwy 4900 would be a blessing of my life’s time to finally win one prize in 50yrs of being alive.