Would You Like To Be The Second PCH “Forever” Prize Winner?


December 7, 2013 Blog:

What does it feel like to become a Publishers Clearing House “Forever” Prize winner? Well, only one person in the world knows firsthand — John Wyllie of White City, Oregon.  John became our very first “Forever” Prize winner in August.

But now that the February 28th Prize Event has been announced … and we all know the “Forever” Prize is BACK…there could be a second PCH “Forever” Prize winner very soon. Don’t you want it to be YOU?

I bet you do! Face it, we all want to leave something for future generations and the “Forever” Prize could help you achieve that. If you win, you’d receive payments of $5,000.00 for the rest of your life and then after that, payments of $5,000.00 would continue on for the life of a beneficiary of your choice.

I recently caught up with John to find out what he’s been up to since the Prize Patrol surprised him on August 31st. He has a few big changes in the works.

 On John’s “to-do” list — buy a house to share with his father. He’s also looking forward to purchasing a new car. “I’m looking at a Mercedes,” he beamed.

In the meantime, John is focusing on paying off his bills and adjusting to life as a local celebrity. “Everybody knows about it.  Sometimes people will come up and congratulate me and tell me that they saw me on the news,” John admitted. One piece of advice John shares with his well wishers is to enter at PCH online. “You can do it every day,” he adds.

Another perk of being a PCH “Forever” Prize winner? Peace of mind. John named his son David as his beneficiary and said that he told him to split it with his sister. “It’s a big relief to know that my kids will be ok,” John admitted.

We at PCH wish John all the best, and we’re so excited to look ahead to new winners on the horizon … maybe even a  second “Forever” Prize winner on February 28th.

Take John’s advice and enter online every day in as many ways as you can! Maybe our next Forever Prize winner will be YOU!

Good luck!

Elaina R.
PCH Online Creative

P.S. What would winning “Forever” mean for you and your family? Please share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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  1. In winning a prize of $5000. this would not only be a life changer for me, it would give me the opportunity to help others in need.

    There are too many people out of work and children who do not have enough to eat.

    I have always believed in helping others achieve their goals and dreams in life.

  2. To:Donald Garner – blessings and keep feeding those that need help. You are definitely doing a service unto the Lord and I know you will reap what you sow in His name! I can feel this in my spirit!
    Keep the FAITH!

  3. I would like to be the next Forever Prize winner. I’d be finally able to spend time with my disabled husband, but my work takes me away from him and of course we need the money. I do know others have it worse then myself, the cross others bear turn out worse then our own. His needs takes first choice, but unfornately I am not able to give him all he needs or wants. To wish to be the next Forever Prize winner would be a miracle life changing event indeed for us.

  4. PRETTY PRETTY PLEASE WITH WHIP CREAM AND STRABERRIES ON TOP!!! i neeed and want to win soooooo bad for my father and fiance .. I know everyone has been trying so hard and PRAYING on belief, i really hope you come knocking at my door! I LOVE YOU PCH I HOPE I CAN WIN AND GET MY FAMILY AND 2 DOGS OUT OF THIS HORRABLE PLACE your dearest friend and TRUE PCH member Brooke N Roberts

  5. I lost everything about a year ago due to illness. I had to move in with my mom and I hate that she has to help me so much. I want to be able to help her like I used to. It would be a blessing if we could win something of this magnitude. Christmas is in a couple days and this year the tree is gonna be bare. I know GOD takes you threw things and while things look dire I feel blessed that I can still wake up every morning. While I would love for the Prize Patrol to show up on my doorstep I am praying for everyone who enters to hopefully win. While it seems like what I am going through is bad. What someone else could be going through could be far worse. So Merry X-mas everyone and good luck on Feb 28th

  6. It would mean A BLESSING. I would name my eldest daughter (age 23) as the beneficiary, she would be responsible to share evenly with her 3 siblings. Of which for her little brothers she will put into an investment held by her for them. But I think I optioned for the monthly $21+k per month. Any access to go to my husband after each of the 4 children received $5k per month

  7. It would certainly be a Blessing to win a prize like this from PCH. I would Change Many People’s Lives who are less fortunate than I. Every week I feed the hungry and the need is great. We recieve our blessings, by blessings other. My Heavenly Father knows What I Need…What God has for me, is for me! Amen. Blessings to all of this years winners, “Pay It Forward” so you can bless many.

  8. yes, that would be the best thing to happpen next to finding Jessus Christ in your Heart. I would do something wonderful things and help so many people i know could really use such help. i would just keep working.