PCH Motivational Monday: Keep Trying!

Do you have a goal? A dream you’d like to make real?  Often, it’s not about your inspiration; it’s about your perspiration. My Uncle Freddie has a saying, “The harder I work, the luckier I get.” I’ve always told my two daughters, “If you’re not failing, you’re not trying hard enough.”

Thomas Edison failed repeatedly in his attempt to make the light bulb. But Edison saw each failure as a learning experience that moved him closer to success. So, on this first PCH “Motivational Monday,” we want to tell you: if you’ve tried and not gotten the result you’ve wanted, be proud. You’re one of the few, like Thomas Edison, who are brave enough to strive. Whether you’re trying to win the Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes or achieve a personal or business goal, keep trying! Each attempt could be moving you in the direction of your fondest dream!

What’s YOUR dream? Comment below to MOTIVATE US!

Inspirationally Yours,

Elliott M.

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  1. To inspire others with my story! If I won it would dramatically change my world. I always have known I was meant to be someone special, something great! My story in itself is inspiring, without winning! Even if I don’t win because of pch I’ve found my will to inspire and chase my dreams. Keeping the faith and perservancr is definetly the key! I always wake up and say to myself…..”Today I’m going to try to be a better person then yesterday!” If you truly want something bad enough you will succeed but only if you remember to “Never give up, Never give in” No matter what others tell you. My family thinks im crazy because i believe in angels, prophets, luck and psychics lol. I believe in God and most importantly….Myself, my dreams! One day I will inspire others with my story, mark my words. You ask how I know this….because I believe in myself today! I believe in the power of Micheal my Archangel who is guiding me to building a closer relationship with God, myself and pch. Believe, dream, courage, faith, destiny and bringing our dreams to life is what PCH is all about!!!!

  2. I have a very strong faith, I think if you feel strongly about something and discuss
    your situation with others who are in the same boat it will more than likely help
    I was told four years ago I had lung cancer, it did not frighten me, my family an I
    said to the doctors lets take care of it. A piece of my lung was removed. No
    complications, I do what I want to do, and go where I want to. No meds and I am
    on my fifth year and feel great. It was mind over matter and encouragement from
    others. I try to do the same for anyone in the same situation.
    Do not weep and say why me? Help someone else who needs you.
    Sure I would like to win, so would others. Good Luck to All.

  3. I know life can be hard for any young adult. I’m 26 and we struggle daily raising our children and keep our life going the only thing that keeps me going is my children and my friends at pch I stick with them because u can only do so much good be for it come backs to hit you. Pch dreams are out there it’s time be for they come true.