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  1. Winning is a lot of fun if your the one they pick,it’s like baseball whether you win or loose it’s the way you play.

  2. I am happy that you won the prize. It couldn’t have happen to a better person. I hear your voice and sincerity about life and living. Life is beautiful and to live your life with meaning and purpose makes you feel like you have a place in this world. God bless you with your winnings and I hope you never forget the chance you took at winning, that pch offered was what help to change your life forever. There are good people in this world, and they are here for people like us, who sometimes feel that nobody cares. Thank God for PCH.

  3. i like the poll on this page what’s the best part about winning? the life we get to start from being on hold it seems like we were never meant for life and to live.i am ready to see the half of life i am missing and live the way i want,and not feel left out or pushed out of life when i deserve to live it.somethings in life we did not ask for and do not know why we are this way and it last forever without cure.i ask when will i get my chance to live for me not by bounds and never having nothing to want to live for cause it feels like i did nothing to try to have a life of fulfillment, and in ways forced not to have and be held back by others greed.whats next,hopefully truth of my beginning to life somehow,someway,but hopes of it being soon.