How Do You Save Money in 2013? By Shopping PCH, of Course!

The New Year is filled with new beginnings!

And this year, I am determined to begin teaching my five-year-old all about saving money. It’s important for her to know that money doesn’t grow on trees – especially after a visit from Santa. So, when I heard there was going to be a new PCHBlog selection of money-saving offers starting in January, I got motivated to make saving money a tradition in our house, too!  But since I’m more of a shopper than a saver, I’m asking you, blog readers, how do you save money?


I’ve already planted the “seed of savings” in my daughter’s mind by having Santa leave her a new bank. Then, on New Years Eve, we started to fill it with our own special “10 Quarter Countdown” to commemorate our new resolution of saving for a brighter tomorrow.  It went something like this:

10 – is for good fortune to come

9 – is for money to be earned, gained and won (not from PCH since I work here, of course!)

8 – is for blessings – we’ve had quite a few

7 – is to spend on a good time or two

6 – is for love that just cannot be bought

5 – is for the willpower to spend as we ought

4 – is for toys some big and some small (my daughter came up with this one)

3 – is for the fun we’ll have with them all (she came up with this one, too)

2 – is for the college funds, dividends and interest

1 – is for saving because it makes sense!

She just loved it – and I loved knowing that we would be working toward saving for a whole year to come. Do you have any tips for us? How do you save money daily and all year long?

To get even more motivated about saving, and since it was the reason we started in the first place, my daughter and I took a look at the new PCHBlog selection of values. I explained that there are percentages off of regular prices, Buy 1 Get 1 Free deals and so many offers that shopping PCH really is a better way to shop. She was amazed – and she caught on quick!  By the time we got to page 3 she enthusiastically explained that we should get the Animal Shaped Pancake/Egg Pans and “Save Over 45% off Similar Items Sell Elsewhere for $29.97” because she was SO HUNGRY! That’s when I realized we should have eaten breakfast before browsing the internet!  Silly me!

So, how do you save money?  For now, I’m still learning, but whether you make saving money a tradition or just want a great deal, be sure to check out the new PCHBlog selection of values you’ll find right here (If you haven’t registered already, you’ll need to fill in your information before you can see all our exciting offers) – and let me know which products are your favorites below.

Happy Shopping PCH – and Saving!

Laurel U.

PCH Creative

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