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  1. High my name is Ashley Norman . If I was to win ?!It would be for my whole family !My kids n to help my husband of ten years . He has work for me in our kids the whole time we have been togather . I am ( disabled )I am 27 have a bad heart , also I have three wonderful kids ! The wings if I was to get any , Will be for my husband an family so he wouldn’t hve to work himself to death for providing for use ! Because , of my heart n other thing , that makes it impossible for me to work, an for me to be able to help him provide for use! Also my mother n father ! They r disabled from working !!! They barly make it n I would be able to give them something back ! They have helped me an my husband , pull our family out of the gutter ! An into a stable home ! An our daughters in son which are so smart to a good school , an collage to let them not want for nothing !!!!! You pch would be my merical in life , you pch , would not just be helping A person , but u would be helping many threw me !!!! An after Me in my husband have straightend our familys life out , in get my mom n dad stable like they did for our family an our kids An there needs are meet for a time being !!!! Our family is going to give back to the pantries of Elkhart Indiana ! That has help us keep food on our table !!!! An start some then wonderfull for a lot Of people who have not ! An give back to all who have gave an , helped keep our family abay thank you pch for hearing me out !!!!! In I hope you will allow me to support u buy supporting others after our life is straightened out thank you! Ashley

  2. I have MSeen and would like to donate to that cause and enjoy what ever I can, before it’s to late to move around may try stem cell therapy. of course my children and grandkids spread the good fortune.

  3. As a person gets older in life, they age as fine wine. Might get lucky in winning the pch sweepstakes and turn it in a hobby owing a wine finery, and helping our seniors citizens doing for them what they cannot do for themselves…. (compassion)

  4. if i were to win the money I could help my church, family, aspca and other non profit organizations I support. It also would allow me and my family to enjoy my retirement years with no stress.

  5. I would love to win and if i do man all the stressed and struggling Are gonna fade away n help out my people out n my kids are gonna have what they need daddy ain’t gonna struggle to get them what they need but that’s if I win .well pch have a blessing day n god bless every one