You Could Win “Forever” — Just One Month To Go!


Hello PCH Friends,

Wow! I just looked at the calendar and noticed that there’s just ONE MONTH until the famous PCH Prize Patrol hits the road to award the next Millionaire-making prize! And you know what that means…

Someone could win “Forever” on February 28th. It could even be you!

Imagine, winning $5,000 a week for the rest of your life. Then after that, those weekly payments would continue to someone special you choose. What joy, what peace of mind winning could bring! A “Forever” Prize winner could leave a legacy for future generations!

Here at our offices, the anticipation of the February 28th “Forever” Prize event is building. You see, even though we don’t get to travel the country with Dave, Todd and Danielle to award the “Big Check,” we’re proud of doing our part (however small) behind the scenes to help make it all happen. On prize event days, you’ll find many of us frequently checking Danielle’s PCH Prize Patrol Fan Page on Facebook or the PCH Blog to track the Prize Patrol’s progress and share in the excitement!

In fact, I just ran into Danielle here at the office and asked what’s on her mind as February 28th looms. She gushed, Awarding John Wyllie with the first “Forever” Prize last year was such an amazing experience. I keep thinking about what our NEXT winner could be like and the reaction that he or she could have. Every winning moment is different so the excitement never ends!”

Then, I spoke to Maryann Carter to find out what’s going on in her neck of the woods regarding this imminent event. She said, “Tell your blog readers that they can continue to enter on most of our online sites until February 20th. After the last day to enter, we’ll begin all of our standard protocols to ensure that a random winner is selected in time for the February 28th award date.”

As you can see, I’ve got the February 28th prize event date marked on my calendar. Do you? With just one month to go before the big day, there are just three things to do. Enter! Enter! Enter! Who knows, maybe YOU will win “Forever!”

Good luck!

Elaina R.
PCH Online Creative

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  1. Feb 28th is coming very soon. I am the first one would like to add comments… Hope I could win this time. I thank PCH for a great opportunity and to get chance to win . More Power to you.

  2. I am soooo nervous and excited about feb 28! Even if i dont win tbw big prize i am hopeful to win something awesome,.i am trying very hard, i have been entering every single day, holidays all, i enter.every way i can my.friends think im wasting my time they no one really wins not ppl like me but i believe hope, luck, miracles, God and PCH!!!!!

  3. Wow i am excited, nervous, and scared! I am doing everything i can to win every single day foe a long while now! Everything PCH tells me to do im doing it! Plus i love PCH PRODUCTS AND MAGAZINES! my friends and family are making fun of me and shaking their heads like i have a better chance of getting hit by a plane out of the, sky but i believe in me, i believe in hard work and persistance and I BELIEVE IN PCH!

  4. Oh, I can only dream what my reaction would be! For so many of my problems to be solved, would be a miracle for sure. I’m waiting!!!!

  5. Publisher Clearing House,I’m sick today..I hope I getting to Feel better soon..But I will be Waiting for Prize Patrol Team to Ring My Front Door Bell..

  6. hy you gys hope all is well looking forwerd to winning and if i do some one from hurcane sandy will win to have a grate day god bless all

  7. Hi , Todd, I read your Blog : I want to say that , where else in the world could yyou have such a winning oppertunityto Win Prizes and Become a Forever Prize Winner ! Only Publishers Clearing House really makes Dreams come true! I am hopping I am the Luckiest girl in the world.Really I just turned 57 this month. So , I guess I try to be young at Heart. Mr. John Wyille didnt think it could happen to Him. But it did! I sure hope this Feb. 28 , th you will send the PCH Prize Patrol to my door! I knows others Win .I look at u tube winning PCH moments and wonder . I know my chances seem like 1 in a Zillon ! I will be truly Amazed if and when it happens ! I dont know what the future holds , But one thing I do know is I love Publishers Clearing House and you all are doing a fantastic job! Would you please jeep your fingers crossed for luck for me? And thank you Mr. Wyille and all the other PCH winners for giving me hope that someday my Dreams will cime true with Publishers Clearung House. Your Ultimate Super PCH Fan,HelenArguello Have a blessed day.