Find The Differences In Today’s PCH Prize Patrol Game!


Hey Readers,

Knock, Knock. It’s the PCH Prize Patrol with a fun game for you. See if you can find the differences in these photos. There are six (6) differences in all!

Comment below and tell us the differences you can spot!

Have FUN and good luck!

Elliott M.

P.S. Can’t find the differences? No problem. We’ll reveal the all six differences in tomorrow’s blog. So make sure to check it out!

P.P.S. Do you like games like this? Comment below and let us know if you think we should do more games on the PCH blog!

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  1. Crest on Jackets none of other ones, Tan shoes on two pics and other pics are red shoes, Door knocker on two other doors none The signage is not the same one has money the other does not., Balloons are different on two pictures and than the other one, Baby blue slacks in two pic’s, other two are beige slacks. Have a great day!!!!fun exercise.

  2. One man has tan pants, one has blue. One lady has ran shoes one has red. One balloon is. Green one is purple. One man has a crest on his jacket, the other man has none. First door has something on it, the other door don’t. The two signs don’t have the same message. In the first picture second man shows more shoulder than in the second picture.

  3. 1: The purple/yellow balloon towards the top left corner(s), 2: Her tan/pinkish red pumps, 3: The man in the middle’s tan/blue pants, 4: The sign(s) the man in the middle is holding, 5: The name badge on the man to the right, and 6: The door knocker(s).