Throwback Thursday: A Look Back At Danielle’s First PCH Prize Patrol Trip!

Hi blog readers! It’s Amanda, and I’m back with another fun Throwback Thursday  for all of you! I figured who better to focus this throwback on than everyone’s favorite Prize Patrol gal, Danielle Lam!

Here’s a look back at Danielle’s first PCH Prize Patrol trip back in August 2010!


Wow, can you believe already 2 years have gone by since she awarded Joseph Beane a BIG $1 MILLION SUPERPRIZE? Since then, Danielle’s gone on dozens of trips to award big prizes to winners all across the country!


That sure is A LOT of money! How would YOU like to win some money next?

So how has Danielle’s Prize Patrol experience been? And has anything changed from her first Prize Patrol trip to now? I recently sat down with Danielle to take a walk down memory lane, and here’s what she had to say…

“I can’t believe I’ve been a PCH Prize Patrol elite member for over 2 years already! It’s amazing how the excitement of my job hasn’t changed even one bit. Before awarding a BIG PCH check to a lucky winner, my adrenaline rushes. It’s hard to explain how exciting it is knowing that in just moments I’m going to make someone’s dreams come true! I can’t imagine that those feelings will ever ware off for me … I just love my job too much.”

And we love having her! Don’t you agree?

There is one thing Danielle said has changed about the experience…can you guess what it is? Read on to find out …

“Now that I’ve awarded so many Big Checks and appeared in endless videos, I can finally say that I’m comfortable in front of the camera! In the beginning I was quite nervous when those lights went on…but now it’s just pure excitement!”

Thanks for going on this Throwback Thursday with us! Danielle can’t wait to award LOTS more prizes and meet LOTS more winners! Comment below and let Danielle know who YOU want the next winner to be! Then remember to keep entering, today and every day!

Amanda C., PCH Creative

Amanda C.

PCH Creative 

P.S. What else would YOU like to see in future Throwback Thursday blogs?


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  2. Hi, It is really good for sharing this and I too am very hard on myself. I expect a lot of myself too and I do stay up late and I do make demands on myself and have for 70 plus years. That isn’t all bad, believe it or not it keeps us young in mind and spirit. At age 97 my mother’s advice to me was’ keep on moving, and giving and helping OTHERS”, and she meant it! At age 92 she let the family know she HAD to go to the Salvation army building to help “the elderly” They were in their70’s an 80’s. So at 81 I had best realize, I’m still a young gal.

  3. When I left the Army in ’70 I went straight back to scohol to get training. Then it was 20 years in the USCG where I wasn’t told what to do 24/7. After retirement a little more scohol then a job offer. I was hired because they knew my military experience and work ethic. I’ve worked steadily ever since. Where I live now there are many ex and retired military. All the ones I know are hard workers and many own their own successful businesses. None feel they’re owed anything.

  4. Hi Julieanne,Wow, thanks for shnarig all of that. You are being honest and upfront here. But I bet you aren’t as bad at all those as you think you are. We are often harder on ourselves than anyone else. I don’t stay up late and get things, I must admit, if I stay up too late, I wouldn’t get anything done the next day!!Thanks so much for shnarig, Julieanne!