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  1. Hi, PCH TEAM.
    #01. Thuirmus Williams: Take Action By Final Decision Deadline!
    #02. Thuirmus, you are strongly urge to accept and submit your Prize Number
    P.O. Box 10541 Towson, Maryland 21285 (21285)

    *** THANKS PCH TEAM ***

  2. I would just thank the Lord things have been so hard I have got hit on my bike daughter was only home for a few days from college she die the bring her back to me thank u lord the founday mold in this home the through my stuff in the street living in my truck me her and him niteMeer and now I’m losing this house behind on Morgan because the through me jail and said I didn’t have a license 1000 dollars to get my truck I’m tired so tired lord bless me help me please God bless all if I win thank u ever one thank u

  3. I would buy me a car and house and fix my mother’s house and take my 5 brothers and 1 sister and my mother and my 3 kids on a vacation while on the vacation I would have my mother’s house repaired donate too pain college and put money in a savings account for my 3 kids future. AND run my own business donate too hospitals and help the homeless.