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  1. hi i have been wishing you would show up here for a long time cause it been so hard on us just trying to live and Christmas is a time for miracles so i just keep hope so much .Merry Christmas to you all

  2. Hello Danielle Todd and Dave. Hey when you come to bring me our big check
    I have a small request can you please bring a new air conditioner too
    you see ours is not working at this time and its been in the 90s
    I work nights it is very had to sleep during the day.
    Everyone else here works days so it is very quite but hot.
    signed the hot reckless sleeper

  3. HI prize patrol i got my clutter off the porch and it is cleaned up , I am waiting for you all to get hear . antisapation !!

  4. Hello Danielle Todd and Dave. I am really hoping that I will get to meet you tomorrow. I have switched my shifts at work to be home. This would forever change my life. To give back and pay forward all the good that was done to help me. I could in return help so many. Please come to my home in Rochester Minnesota tomorrow. Thank You and safe travels.